Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project Runway: Mondo's Record 3 Wins in a Row While Announcing He Is HIV Positive

Well, Project Runway continues to be the most entertaining 90 minute long Reality TV Show. I think it may be the only 90 minute Reality TV Show.

Project Runway uses those extra minutes to deliver some good drama.

This week the designers had to design a fabric inspired by something in their past. Then Tim Gunn brought in their loved ones, like moms and boyfriends.

There was way too much blubbering. How long had they been away from their mommys? A couple weeks?

Mondo's fabric design theme was plus signs. Mondo then told us he'd been carrying a secret to 10 years. He is HIV Positive.

From what I am reading on the Internet, it seems Mondo is becoming a bit of a phenomenon. Every once in awhile there is a breakout Reality TV Star. It seems like this may be the case with Mondo. This week Mondo won a record breaking 3rd Project Runway win in a row. And he delivered what will likely be this year's Project Runway Emmy submission episode with his dramatic explanation of his fabric's story, after Nina Garcia told Mondo she had no idea what story his fabric was telling.

Soon, pretty much everyone was in sob mode.

Watching the story arc and character of Mondo develop during the course of this season of Project Runway has been very interesting. I started off thinking he was a total creepy weirdo. Now I think he's an extremely well-grounded, smart, funny, unique, one-of-a-kind talented guy.

I am also liking how I have gone from totally not liking Gretchen to now liking her.

But, the biggest surprise of the episode, to me, was not Mondo being HIV Positive, it was the fact that Michael Costello has reproduced with a male replication of himself. The son showed up with Michael's mom. No birth mother in view, or mention made of. The son looked like a little version of Michael, so this must be a biological reproduction. Michael just did not seem like a breeder, to me.

Michael Costello's story arc on Project Runway has been interesting too, in addition to that unexpected reproduction. He's gone from everyone pretty much despising him, to now, pretty much everyone likes him.

There is only one of the remaining dress makers who bugs me. Andy South. He had a breakdown because his mommy showed up. Andy seems real dumb. I don't like the way he talks. I don't like his reptilian appearance.   He is not even remotely interesting.

It was Valerie Mayen who was out this week. Even I could tell the dress she made was really bad. I liked Valerie. She was very good-natured and funny. Gave great commentary. And I enjoyed her corny departing comments to each of the remaining designers. She was being Dorothy saying good bye to the Tin Man,  Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion.

I don't remember what we were manipulated in to thinking was going to happen in the previews for next week's Project Runway. Will Mondo make it 4 in a row? I have no idea.

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