Sunday, October 3, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: The Old Folks Get Rid of Jimmy Johnson

I am enjoying Survivor Nicaragua so far.

I enjoyed the Episode 2 boot of Shannon by the young tribe.

But, I did not understand the unanimous booting of Jimmy Johnson from the Elder Tribe in Episode 3.

Maybe I was not paying close enough attention. Did the oldsters blame Jimmy for coaching them to defeat in the Immunity Challenge, not putting in a new sand bag tosser to replace Tyrone who quit having luck at getting the bags on the barrels? Jimmy T begged Jimmy J to put him in. Eventually Jimmy J sent Jimmy T to toss bags, but it was too late.

I would have thought the logical boot was the wheezing geezer Dan. Marty plotted against Jimmy Johnson. In the end everyone went along with voting Jimmy Johnson out of the tribe. Except for Jimmy Johnson. I assume he voted for Dan.

I also did not understand the logic of Marty sharing with everyone that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol. And some of the others saying this made the tribe stronger. I think I need to get Survivor for Dummies to help me better understand what I am watching.

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