Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dancing With The Stars: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas Dirty Dancing With Jennifer Grey In More Pain

The Hollywood rumormongers are mongering rumors about the possibility that Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas have become an item off the dance floor.

On the left, that is a picture of the couple leaving, I think, Bristol's apartment.

I'm sure these rumors are somewhat fueled by the unseemly fondling and kissing Mark Ballas is seen lavishing on Bristol after they are done dancing on the live show.

This week on Dancing With The Stars, with the dancing taking place in the round, in what looked like more people watching than usual, and with Sarah Palin and husband Todd in attendance, daughter Bristol danced the Rumba with Mark Ballas.

I am pretty certain it was the Rumba. I get the dance names mixed up. Whatever the name, it's the dance that is described as the vertical version of the horizontal version of whoopee making.

Bristol took Mark back to her apartment. We saw that during one of the fillers needed to fill the bloated 2 hours of live air time. Bristol's baby, Trip, was in the apartment. Trip's Baby Daddy, Levi Johnston, was not in the apartment. Near as I could tell.

Bristol and Mark practiced some of their Rumba moves in front of the baby. It did not seem too unseemly.

I like Bristol. I'm amazed at how well she does these dances, with no prior experience. But those mean judges seem unduly critical of her.

And, with that extra time needing to be filled, an extremely silly post dance analysis thing was added in which a clip was shown showing something the judges judged was done badly, with the even worse than Samantha Harris, Brooke Burke, asking,, well, for instance, asking Bristol what she was thinking, when that particular expression we are seeing in the clip, was on her face. Bristol had no idea what to say, so Mark helped out by saying she was thinking what a hot hunk she was dancing with. I forgot to mention at the start of the Rumba Bristol ripped off Mark's shirt.

Mark has what appeared to be a garish tattoo on his back. I could not make out what the tattoo was. Between his buzz cut, scraggly weird beard, strange earrings and now this tattoo, Mark is starting to appear a bit odd to me.

And then there is Mark's dad. Corky Ballas. Corky is paired with that ancient lady, on loan from  Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum, Florence Henderson. Not wanting to go totally into an X-Rated Rumba, Corky and Florence had Mark and Florence's daughter come in and judge if their moves were appropriate or not.

Corky and Florence's Rumba did not seem as raunchy as Mark and Bristol's, what with Corky keeping his shirt on and not fondling Florence. Too much. But still. It seemed a tad unseemly.

And then there is Jennifer Grey, playing Mrs. Robinson to the young Derek Hough. Derek does not do too much kissing and fondling of Jennifer Grey. This relationship seems more wholesome, to me, than the Mark and Bristol coupling.

With Jennifer Grey, what is bugging me is the theme seems to be that each week we  learn of some new ailment that is wreaking havoc with her ability to dance. And then, miraculously, she comes out and WOWS everyone, with this week getting the first 10s, two of them, of the season. I think I should find Derek Hough annoying, but for some reason he amuses me.

Not as much as Maks though. He is one funny Ukrainian. And that Brandy girl he is dancing with grows on me. Their  filler, where Maks took Brandy out for a romantic dinner, so she'd be more in the mood to make love to him on the dance floor, was amusing, with Brandy finding fault with Maks' game.

I forgot about Mike Sorrentino. Known, for some reason, as "The Situation." I had no clue who he is or was. Now I know he is on an MTV show, something called Jersey Shore. And he is expected to make around $5 million this year. That is a little more than I am expected to make this year. I find him amusing and his seemingly sincere efforts to learn those silly dances is sort of charming. Those mean judges were way way too harsh with him. But he handled it well.

I don't care who is asked to leave the Ballroom tonight. One of the jocks would be good to go.

I am just a bit concerned that we are heading towards our first Dancing with the Stars baby.  History is known to repeat itself. And Mark Ballas has been quoted as saying he is a fan of Sarah Palin's. Levi Johnston was never a Sarah Palin fan, as far as I know. And I should know. Levi and I are quite close, us being mutual Twitter followers.


cd0103 said...

Oh surely not because they have zero chemistry together.

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Agent cd0103---

You are likely correct in your assessment.