Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top Chef D.C.: Tiffany & Ed Dominating, Amanda Packs Her Knives and Goes

Last week on Top Chef it was Tiffany winning both the Quickfire and Elimination Challenges, making, I think, 2 in a row for Tiffany in the Elimination Challenge department. Tiffany won $10,000 and a trip to Paris. Tiffany was very happy to win a trip, due to getting married soon.

Last week Ed was hoping he'd win the trip because it would make his fiance happy.

This week Ed won the Quickfire, but it was not a High Stakes Quickfire, so no $10,000. But, Ed did win the Elimination Challenge and a trip to Australia.

Angelo has had a rough time of it the past 2 weeks. Early on Angelo seemed to be the chef to beat for Top Chef. Now, not so much.

I really like Tiffany. What an infectious laugh. She's funny and fair. Ed has also grown on me. Though I could have gone without seeing him walking around in Tiffany's dress.

Last week we learned, from Angelo, that he has a Russian mail order bride that had him hoping to win the $10,000 Quickfire so he could get her into the U.S.

This week we learned that Angelo has only met his mail order bride a couple times, but they talk for hours, almost every night. We got to listen to their lovey/dovey conversation. I won't say it was sickeningly sweet. However, at Judges' Table the Judges did say that the strange Asian themed hot dog, that Angelo made for the baseball stadium concession stand Elimination Challenge, was too sweet, And soggy.

Angelo started off, when we first met him, seeming to be a bit of an arrogant guy, but the way he owns it when the stuff he cooks is not good, makes him very likable. That and he is funny.

Last week we got rid of the annoying Alex, this week the annoying Amanda. I like all who remain. Except for Kevin.

Tiffany for the win. Or Ed. Or Angelo. Or Kelly.

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