Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bachelorette: Bizarre Ending With Ali Picking Roberto

After watching the finale of the latest iteration of The Bachelorette I was more appalled than ever that I fast forward through this trite tripe.

The Internet had many a spoiler saying annoying Ali Fedotowsky picked neither Roberto Martinez or Chris Lambton to be her first husband. Or, alternatively, that neither of the boys were willing to take on Alcoholic Ali as their first wife.

Turns out, according to the story spewed on the After The Final Rose show that followed the laborious 2 hour show that ended with Roberto proposing to the seemingly sober Ali, it was love at first sight.

For both of them.

Roberto stepped out of the limo on the first episode and that was it. Ali was in love. As was Roberto. Supposedly.

Which begs the question, if Ali was madly in love with Roberto, then why did she get so upset when Frank decided to leave Tahiti to go back to his girl friend, before Ali could have her way with him in one of those notorious Fantasy Suites?

Had Frank followed through on making Ali's fantasy come true it seems sort of obvious it would have been Chris Lambton who was sent home, rose-less. Instead, Ali strung Chris along, taking him to meet her family.

Even though she already knew, supposedly, that she wanted to become Mrs. Martinez.

I felt bad for the Chris guy. He seemed like an authentically nice guy. Who really needs to stop talking so much about his dead mom. I think he can do much better than marrying a girl with a drinking problem, who likely will be on Celebrity Fat Club (or is it Fit Club? I never remember) in about 10 years.

Ali going on about how handsome Roberto is was not accessible to me. His giant caterpillar eyebrows were distracting. And that huge cleft in his chin, that appears impossible to shave, was very strange to look at, close-up, on HDTV.

I think Roberto and Ali, if they do get married, will likely grow quite swarthy together. And Ali needs to either let her hair go back to its natural color, or get it bleached before the roots grow out so much.

How does that Chris Harrison guy keep a straight face when he "interviews" these people?

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