Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bachelor Pad: Nasty Pie Eating With Jessie S & Craig M Sent Home

I liked the first episode of ABC's Bachelor Pad. I did not like the 2nd episode. It was sort of painful to watch.

First off there was this nasty pie eating contest. The winners get a rose and a group date.

First eating were the girls. These were large pies. No utensils, hands behind the back. Soon the girls were throwing up. Always top-notch entertainment. There was an amusing moment or two, but right now I'm not remembering what they were.

In the end, with coaching from pseudo boyfriend Wes Hayden, Gia Allemand ate her pie first.

For the boys, the teeny Weatherman, Jonathan Novack, out ate the big boys, winning a coveted rose and a group date.

After the pie eating debacle there was a lot of Big Brother/Survivor type strategizing. Somehow it seemed to be universally agreed that the house was divided between the Cool Kids and the Outsiders. Gia was the gangleader of the Outsiders, along with the Weatherman. They hatched a solid plot to take control of the house.

Key to the Outsider's takeover was Gia taking Canadian, Craig McKinnon, on her date and giving him the coveted immunity rose.

Prior to that date, the Weatherman took a couple Outsiders and a floater to a weird body painting thing. I don't think anyone in TV Land really wants to be seeing that Weatherman guy in a skimpy Speedo. I went into fast forward mode til clothing returned.

The Weatherman did some good plotting. I did not realize he could do such a thing. The coup was falling into place.

And then Gia went on her group date. Gia pulls Craig aside and flat out tells him she is giving him the rose. Then Gia talks to Wes, who sweet talks her. In the end, in one of the weirdest, stupidest things I've seen on a Reality TV Show, Gia gave the coveted immunity rose to Wes, thus throwing the Outsider's Coup Plot into disarray.

The plan had been for the girls to vote out little Cool Kid, Kiptyn Locke. The Cool Kid's girls were going after rose-less Craig. Gia thought that even after her betrayal of Craig, the Outsider girls still had the votes to get rid of Kiptyn.

But, Nikki Kappke flipped and voted to get rid of Craig. This was amusing to watch as Gia was stunned, stunned, I tell you, asking what happened. I was thinking, what happened is you messed up by not following the Outsider's coup plan.

I'm a little confused by it all. The boy's sent Jessie Sulidis home. The Cool Kids were gloating that they'd thwarted the coup attempt. But, don't the Outsider girl's still have at least a tie? On the boy's side, the Cool Kids seem a solid majority. I'm guessing this means the Weatherman's days are numbered.

At the sacred Rose Ceremony Chris Harrison tried to stir up some drama by wearing a very strange shirt and tie and asking probing questions.

The coupling question came up, somehow directed at Elizabeth who keeps saying she loves Kovacs. Elizabeth then says something like it's no different than Kiptyn and Tenley, which causes Tenley to say something like, "But we're not physical." To which Elizabeth says, "Thanks for calling us out."

This caused Tenley to burst into tears. Now, there was a scene of Elizabeth and Kovacs getting all smoochy. Then we cut to a shower curtain, we see shadows, water flowing and hear sort of suggestive sounds. But, nothing to clearly indicate this was Elizabeth and Kovacs getting all wet. It was very odd.

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