Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Holli Wins Executive Chef at the Savoy in London

It was a fast paced Hell's Kitchen finale hour with Holli Ugalde's door opening, rather than Jay Santos', making Holli the winner of Hell's Kitchen.

And might I add, the best-looking Hell's Kitchen winner ever.

The finale episode started with Holli and Jay all alone in the dorm, after Ben and Autumn were sent home. Jay was thinking he might get lucky.

The next morning, after not getting lucky, Jay and Holli work on their menus for their final Hell's Kitchen dinner services. Sous Chef Andi tells the pair that Chef Ramsay has something nice planned for them, so go get dressed up. A limo then takes Holli and Jay to Ramsay's London West Hollywood restaurant, where he leads them to the roof to look down on a crowd cheering for them.

Ramsay tells the pair their final challenge is to to cook 5 dishes in one hour, to be judged by 5 of Ramsay's executive chefs. After an hour of frenetic cooking the dishes are placed in front of the judges, one by one. In the end Jay wins, after a 2 to 2 tie.

When Holli and Jay make it back to Hell's Kitchen they find 6 bootees, Fran, Autumn, Siobhan, Jason, Benjamin and Nilka. After being informed the 6 are moving back to the dorm, Jay verbalizes his disappointment, because he was hoping to sleep with Holli that night.

Because Jay won the challenge he got first choice of helper. He picked Ben, then Jason and Fran. Holli picked Autumn, Nilka and was stuck, by default, with the incompetent, Siobhan.

The next morning as the teams prepare for dinner service, Siobhan's slowness quickly became an issue. On Jay's Blue Team Ben is working and talking at hyperspeed.

Holli and Jay get called to Gordon Ramsay's office where he gives them executive chef jackets and tells them he is sending them on vacation to Australia. And then wishes them good luck.

Hell's Kitchen opens with Jay's Blue Team off to a good start, while Holli's Red Team has a problem due to Siobhan's turtle paced production of amuse-bouches, which were not up to Holli's standards. Then Jay's Team hit a snag when Fran burned a pan of scallops. Then back on the Red Team Siobhan forgot a vegetable, which caused Autumn to take over for her.

Then Jason undercooked some meat for Jay, but eventually got on track. Holli's Team was finally on track. And then Nilka ruined some venison.

A couple hours in, the cooking is going swimmingly, only 3 tickets left. Both teams complete dinner service, with Jay's Team finishing first. Chef Ramsay complimented both. We also heard from Holli and Jay's family members, who were among the diners, including Holli's cute little boy.

Ramsay tells Holli and Jay he'll read through the customer comment cards and ponder his decision. After he is done pondering Chef Ramsay puts Holli and Jay in front of doors. The door that opens, opens the door to being the executive chef at the Savoy in London. The knobs are twisted, Holli's door opens, family and friends cheer, champagne bottles are opened, with Holli and Jay complimenting each other during the celebration.

I don't know when the next Hell's Kitchen will start up. But I'm sure it will. It's a Top 20 hit, #14 in last week's Nielsen Ratings.

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