Monday, August 30, 2010

Jimmy Fallon Wins Best Emmy Host Ever Accolades While Top Chef is Best Reality TV Show

I am now a Jimmy Fallon fan after watching, well, the opening of Sunday night's Emmy Awards Show.

The opening was a mini-Glee episode. I like Glee.

Jimmy Fallon sang Born to Run as the Glee Club got bigger. As it got bigger it turned into a big production number that eventually ended up live on stage at the Emmy's.

I am not a huge fan of awards shows. Unless the parts between the awards are entertaining. This year's Grammy's delivered in that regard. The Academy Awards Show, however, did not. I watched the former, bailed on the latter.

I also bailed, eventually, on last night's Emmy Show. But I was entertained for a good hour and a half. Maybe 2.

I liked Jimmy Fallon's singing tribute to shows we've lost. Like LOST. And 24. I found that amusing.

Reading who won, this morning, I don't think anyone won anything on anything I watch except for one.


Best Reality TV Show. Ending the 7 year (or is it 8?), run of The Amazing Race being Best Reality Show over and over again. The Amazing Race has grown tired. While Top Chef has gotten better and better. Padma was beaming, just beaming, up on the Emmy stage with the Top Chef crew. I do not recollect Phil Keoghan ever beaming. He does great stuff with eyebrow emoting. But no beaming. I am a big fan of Padma beaming.

Below you can watch the Born to Run opening of the 2010 Emmy's and join the Jimmy Fallon fan club...

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