Friday, August 27, 2010

Levi Johnston Takes Back Apology To Grandma Sarah Palin While Running For Mayor of Wasilla

I don't know what Levi apologized to his baby, Tripp's, grandma, Sarah Palin, for. Apparently the apology took place in People Magazine with Levi now regretting apologizing.

I wonder if Levi regrets taking his clothes off for Playgirl Magazine? If I were he, I would.

I wonder if Levi and Kathy Griffin are back dating again, now that Levi and his baby mama, Bristol Palin have decided not to get married. Again.

Meanwhile, Levi has decided to run for Mayor of Wasilla, the same office Sarah Palin held before she became governor of Alaska for 2 years, before quitting.

A Reality TV Show is being pitched to the networks, starring Levi. It is called Loving Levi: Road to the Mayor's Office.

I am thinking a lot of high hilarity should ensue. Surely Bravo can find room for Levi's show? I'm sure Kathy Griffin will show up in Wasilla to campaign for Levi, taking her Life on the D List show with her.

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