Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bachelor Pad: Michelle Kujawa & Juan Barbieri First Evictions

Michelle Kujawa and Juan Barbieri were the first booted by their Padmates in Monday night's first episode of Bachelor Pad.

Bachelor Pad turned out to be more entertaining than I anticipated. I made very little use of the fast forward button.

The Padmates arrived one by one, with Tenley Molzhan arriving first. She's the girl who dodged a bullet by being rejected by psycho Jake Pavelka. At the time it broke her heart. Now I'm sure she's relieved.

It did not take long for Tenley to grow annoying.

After the arrival of all the Padmates they discovered they shared one big bedroom filled with bunkbeds.

Michelle corrected predicted that as soon as the lights went out there would be some hooking up on the bunk beds. By morning Tenley was telling everyone that the bunkbed sharing noises, heard in the night, were coming from Michelle, who had crawled into the bunk of Craig McKinnon.

Michelle was motivated to curry favor with Craig because he won the Twister game giving him an immunity rose with a second immunity rose to hand out on a date where Craig got to pick 3 to go with him. Hence Michelle's motivation to climb into bed with Craig.

Michelle eventually heard that Tenley was telling the others that it was Michelle smacking on Craig, which Michelle denied, and then later confronted Tenley in the bathroom, driving the fragile girl to tears and sealing Michelle's fate as the first girl evictee.

The girls all wanted to get rid of Craig first. Then he ruined their plans by winning Twister.

I did not start watching the most recent The Bachelorette until Craig was gone, so I don't know what he did, or said, to the annoyingly pathetic Weatherman, Jonathon Novack, that made the girls not like Craig, and the Weatherman, scared of Craig. Craig's Canadian. Canadians are usually harmless. Annoying, but harmless.

Then we had Elizabeth Kitt. She was a brunette when she refused to let the aforementioned psycho Jake Pavelka kiss her. She is now a blonde. This really is not a good look for her. During Twister Elizabeth made clear to Craig she and the girls wanted him evicted. So, Craig took Elizabeth on the date, along with Jessie Sulidis, with whom he made a pact when they were the final two Twistering. During the group date, Craig ended up giving the other immunity rose to Jessie.

Back to Elizabeth. Turns out she was the nutcase, way more than Michelle, this first episode. Her loopy confrontations with this guy named Jesse Kovacs, who she claimed to love, were really bizarre, leaving Kovacs very perplexed, and in the end, in the bottom two with Juan Barbieri, who was the one the girls sent home.

Juan's problem was he was getting a dose of hell hath no fury syndrome from Nikki Kappke, with whom, apparently, Juan had indulged in some bad boy behavior.

The oldest girl in the house, Gwen Goia, I remember. The very first time I watched The Bachelor I had no idea what was going on. It was the episode before the finale, or maybe the one before that. But, I remember being perplexed watching this guy named Aaron go on a date with this girl named Gwen. Seemed to have a good time. Then dumped her. With Gwen quite upset.

I do not think any of the other Padmates knew who Gwen was. They must have all still been in grade school where Gwen's season aired. David Good wondered why a mother figure was in the house. Did she have some sort of babysitting function? On the ABC Bachelor Pad website, where you can read bios of the Padmates, all state their age, except Gwen, for her it says, "Age:????" My guess is 42.

Once the rules were explained, boys vote out girls and vice versa, most of the Padmates quickly figured out there was some plotting and manipulating to do. So, the plotting and manipulating began.

The sleazy guy who produces the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Pad franchise, Mike Fleiss (I have no idea if related to Heidi) has said an impregnation takes place on the show, along with a surprising level of sexual hijinks, that show is a raunchfest and orgy, with everyone hooking up.

I don't believe there is a live 24/7 video feed like there is for Big Brother, so I guess there will be no viewer viewing of the raunchfest stuff that does not make it on the edited version.

Bachelor Pad has the potential to continue to be entertaining. Let's hope it does.

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