Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Ben & Autumn Out, Holli & Jay Final Two

Well. It is lovebirds, Holli Ugalde and Jay Santos battling it out in the finale of Hell's Kitchen to see who gets to move to London to be the head chef in a new Gordon Ramsay restaurant in the Savoy Hotel.

Some of the past "winners" of Hell's Kitchen do not stay very long in the dream job that is touted all season long as being a big prize.

The first season winner, Michael Wray, accepted Ramsay's offer to work with him in London, but he returned to Los Angeles after just a few days in England.

Last season's winner, Dave Levey, did not last long at the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia, before returning to America.

It was a little surprising after last night's mostly successful dinner service that Ramsay booted both Benjamin Knack and Autumn Lewis, leaving the aforementioned lovebirds as the final two.

Ramsay was very complimentary to Ben and Autumn as he booted them. It was rather surprising Autumn lasted as long as she did. Could she really be as annoyingly a non-stop chatterer as she was edited to appear to be?

I guess next week's Hell's Kitchen finale will be interesting. Holli is only 24, Blue Jay is 32. I don't know if experience and age is going to trump beauty in this case.

I'm guessing Holli for the win.

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Anonymous said...

Sad to see Autumn go. That gal has a nice rack. Especially in that yellow bikini. Best of luck in future, Autumn.