Monday, August 16, 2010

Project Runway: Odd Boys, Normal Girls, Except Gretchen is Annoying & Andy Won This Week

I find Project Runway on Lifetime to be an entertaining reality show. I've not watched Project Runway for its start, only the last two or three seasons. When I read what Project Runway was about I did not see how it could be entertaining.

Watching people make clothes? How could that be interesting?

Project Runway expanded this season to 90 minute episodes. This seems to allow for showing more of the interacting between the designers. And a longer period of the judges critiquing.

A reality show really is only as good as its characters. The permanent character of Tim Gunn is a good TV personality. Heidi Klum is a good host.

I don't quite understand why all but one of the guy designers wants to design clothes for women. The one self-described straight guy, Jason Troisi, now with him I could get the motivation. He had trouble dealing with his model's plus-sized boobs flustering him. Bare boobs do not fluster any of the other boys.

But, Jason Troisi was some sort of a joke. He could not make any clothes. I think I could have done better than he. Before he got cut, both items he made were held together by safety pins. On the Lifetime website, in their bios, all the clothesmakers say, in the "Profession" part, some variation of "Designer." Jason Troisi's says "Landscape designer (glorified lawn cutter)".

So, far this girl from Portland, Gretchen Jones, has won 2 out of the 3 challenges. This has turned her insufferable. She thinks the others don't mind her, so cutting from Gretchen blathering her delusions, to the others complaining about her was pretty funny.

The editing seems to be setting Gretchen up for a good comeuppance. That will be fun to watch.

Another funny one is the Puerto Rican, Casanova. He looks like a monkey. He makes really weird clothes. And when it comes time to talk to the judges his English gets really bad so he can hide behind the language barrier. I like Casanova.

Then there is this one called Mondo. Mondo Guerra. The judges seems to like what he does, but he is such an odd duck. This week he was in super short shorts looking very weird with big glasses.

The girls seem, for the most part, fairly normal, with good social skills. Except for Gretchen.

One of the guys, A.J., last name, Thouvenot, is a chatterbox, chatterboxing on and on about A.J. and his design ethic. Which apparently sucks. It was amusing to see him at the bottom after all that chattering.

The oldest of the designers is Peach Carr. Very likable. Last week she made a goofy polka dot dress. This week she fared better.

The winner this week was Andy. From Hawaii. Andy South. Odd little guy. This week they had to make their garments from party supplies. Andy made his out of ribbon. I tell you, it is amazing what some of these people are able to come up with.

So, was the landscape designer, Jason Troisi, put on Project Runway as some sort of joke? Or what?

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