Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bachelor Pad: Weatherman Jonathon & Gia Sent Home While David & Natalie and Peyton & Jesse B Have Wild Fantasy Suite Romps

You're looking at the Bachelor Pad party people in the pool prior to their numbers being reduced by 6.

This week it was Swimsuit Model, Gia and Weatherman, Jonathon, who got kicked out of the Bachelor Pad.

The coveted sacred immunity rose was won this week by David and Peyton. They won the coveted sacred immunity rose in a blind kissing contest in which they were voted the best kissers.

As a reward David and Peyton got to go on a date with 3 girls and 3 boys of their choosing. And then at some point in the date each got one of those special cards, with last night's special cards telling the winning kissers that they could take one of the girls, or in Peyton's case, boys, to one of those notorious Fantasy Suites for a night of special hanky panky.

David picked Natalie, she being the slutty one Jesse B had finished having his way with. Peyton picked Natalie's ex, Jesse B, who, the morning after the wild night in the Fantasy Suite, explained to Peyton that the reason she was bruised was, "We went at it pretty rough last night." Or words to that effect.

The producer of Bachelor Pad has said that an impregnation took place while Bachelor Bordello Pad was filmed. Is Jesse B the papa to be?

I think it was the winning kisser, David Good, who was a bit non-plussed about the serial kissing contest, due to being a bit of a germaphobe. The reality did come down to the fact that it amounted to kissing every girl and boy in the house.

The Bachelor Padders get way too intense over who is going to get sent home. A lot of yammering about strategy. I don't see a lot of strategy. I don't get how the Bachelor Pad game works. When it is down to 2 remaining how is the winner picked? At some point do the two tribes merge, with only 1 being voted off and that one becoming a member of the jury, ala Survivor?

Anyway, I could only make it through half of last night's Bachelor Pad. I fast forwarded through the rest while I had lunch. By the conclusion of the 2 hours I'd come to the conclusion that that Gia is one dumb chicky. Wes is like Shakespeare, only cuter. And how many times did Gia use the word "amazing" to describe Wes? It was amazing.

I may not watch any more Bachelor Pad. I don't care who wins the money. Or who is the next guy Natalie has her way with. Or who is the next girl Jesse B bruises in an impregnation attempt.

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