Friday, August 27, 2010

Project Runway: Casanova Wins, A.J. Out

I was ready to bail on Project Runway after last week's bizarre episode where the designers had to design a look that went with a so-called hat made by an annoyingly pinched little man, who, apparently, is famous for making hats.


They weren't hats. The hats were more like masks. It was all odd. And not entertaining, like the week before when the designers had to design a look out of junk they bought at a party favor store.

Michael Costello won the hat/mask challenge, giving him immunity this week. A week in which the designers competed on teams of 6.

Last week's winner got to pick first. He picked the female douchebag from Portland, Oregon, named Gretchen. Heidi then picked a name out of a bag. That name, Apriil, got to start the next team. On and on the picking went til Peach was left, by default on April's team.

So, Michael's team had all the winners, while April's team had the losers. Both teams took a different approach, with Michael's team quickly taken over by overbearing Gretchen.

Gretchen is one very odd, very annoying girl. I'd been looking forward to Gretchen getting her comeuppance. This episode delivered that comeuppance.

Gretchen dissed the other team's collection at the Runway Show. She did a lot of know it all, holier than thou, dissing. Usually when a lot of dissing is shown the disser ends up with ironic pie on their face. Gretchen ended up with an awful lot of pie on her face.

So, April's team wins. The judges heap praise. Eventually Casanova wins, which was also foreshadowed when he had a major diva moment, ready to give up and go home, because Tim Gunn had disliked what Casanova was doing. Again. Thus shattering what remained of Casanova's confidence. That and he was very upset because the show was making him fat.

Casanova is Reality TV Gold. That is an extremely flattering photo of Casanova at the top. In reality Casanova sort of looks like a monkey. A Puerto Rican monkey, who is funny, with a funny accent, saying stuff like, "Again Tim Gunn he break my heart, he saying I design for sluts and old ladies."

After Casanova won, the losing team comes out and gets a big dose of reality from the judges. Overbearing Gretchen does all the talking, then switched her spin, as if thinking no one would notice she was totally contradicting herself.

On and on Gretchen talked, pretty much throwing herself under the bus. Where she deserved to be.

But, in the end, with it down to Gretchen and A.J., it was A.J. Thouvenot who got the 2 cheek kiss from Heidi Klum.

And then it got even better, Gretchen comeuppance-wise. Back with the other designers, A.J. lamenting being out, oh the unfairness of it all, Tim Gunn comes in and interupts A.J., pretty much agreeing with him, and then addressing the others, telling them that Gretchen bullied and manipulated them.

So, Gretchen is annoying everyone, including the extremely nice, wise guy known as Tim Gunn. Ivy claimed Tim's words caused an ah ha moment for everyone. Methinks it is going to be fairly funny now, watching a deflated Gretchen, post-comeuppance. There is no way this was the first time in her life that Gretchen found herself on the receiving end of being put in her proper place.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, Gretchen was very mean. I loved when Casanova said "I'm even getting fat'" it made my night. Basically your blog expresses not only your feelings on last nights show, but mine also.