Friday, August 13, 2010

Top Chef D.C.: Kenny Loses Restaurant Wars & Packs His Knives & Goes

This week's Top Chef was the Restaurant Wars episode. And once more Alex Reznik lucked out and did not get told to pack his knives and go. Even though he cooked nothing, with his dish cooked by Angelo and Ed, and with Alex botching being the restaurant's front man.

Alex was saved because his restaurant won the war.

Kenny Gilbert and Kevin Sbraga tried to throw Alex under the bus when they came before the Judges to answer for their cooking crimes.

Then back in the stew room, after being grilled by the judges, Kenny and Kevin ripped into Alex. This did not make Kenny and Kevin, especially Kevin, appear to be very good cooking sports.

Back at Judges' Table there was no consideration of taking Kenny's advice that it should be the non-cooking Alex who should be sent home because Alex did not conform to the rules of the competition, in that he did not cook a dish. Apparently, since Alex did have some role in it's preparation, that was good enough.

In the end it was Kenny who Padma told to pack his knives and go. Kenny seemed to constantly have a higher opinion of his cooking than anyone else did.

Alex and Amanda need to go next. I like Tiffany Derry or Angelo Soso for the win. I'd be okay with Ed Cotton winning. I don't want Kevin to be Top Chef after his childish ranting at Alex, even though Alex well-deserved it.

I also liked that this latest version of Restaurant Wars dropped the design the restaurant part, that was laborious to watch in past seasons. Hell's Kitchen also dropped the design your restaurant part if its finale, which also was an improvement.

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