Monday, September 5, 2011

Dancing With The Stars With Chaz Bono Along With Mostly Unknowns Plus a Few Names I Recognize

Is this going to be unlucky Season 13 for ABC's Dancing With The Stars? I was pretty much non-plussed when I saw Season 13's so-called "Star" with the highest percentage yet of "Stars" I've never heard of.

Elisabetta Canalis is a star, near as I can tell, due to being George Clooney's ex-girlfriend. George's ex will be doing the vertical tango with Maksim Chmerkovskiy's brother Valentin.

I wonder if Valentin is as funny as his brother?

Another unknown to me, Kristin Cavallari will be subjected to the Mark Ballas treatment.

An unknown to me, baseball player, Ron Artest will be twinkling the toes of Peta Murgatroyd, new to the DWTS pro team. Peta's last name is certainly easy to remember.

I have no idea who Hope Solo is. Daughter of Napoleon? Hope will be dancing with my favorite pro, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. I hope Hope is as funny as Mak's partner for Season 12, Kirstie Alley.

Mak's ex-wife-to-be, another favorite of mine, Karina Smirnoff, will be trying to teach someone to dance who I've never heard of, J.R. Martinez.

And then we come to "Stars" I have sort of heard of to varying degrees.

David Arquette I do not care for. But, he gets points for marrying Courtney Cox, even though she eventually dumped him. David is paired with another of my favorite pros, Kym Johnson.

Annoying TV reporter Nancy Grace gets graced with another pro dancer newcomer, Tristan McManus.

The funniest of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys, Carson Kressley dances with Anna Trebunskaya.

I have found Ricki Lake amusing in the past. But, what amused me escapes my memory at the present moment. Ricki is paired with Derek Hough. I don't mind Derek too much, if he keeps the camera mugging to a minimum. And his shirt on.

Chynna Phillips I sort of remember from Wilson Phillips. But I could not pick her out of a lineup. Chynna will be dancing with Tony Dovolani.

And then there is Kim Kardashian's little brother Robert. I do not know if Robert is blessed in the humongous derrierre department like his sister is. I guess we will soon find out. Robert is partnered with Cheryl Burke. Most of Cheryl's partners do well. Either winning or coming close to winning.

Finally, for me, the only "Star" who comes close to being one. Chaz Bono. This individual has been in the public eye for decades. I first met this dancer on the old Sonny and Cher Show, when her name was Chastity and she was a cute little girl.

Over the years we've watched Chastity grow up. I last saw a lot of Chastity Bono when she was on Celebrity Fit Club. She was very likable.

At some point in time after Celebrity Fit Club, Chastity decided she was meant to be a man. And so she became Chaz.

Chaz Bono and Dancing with the Stars has taken some flak for the casting of Chaz Bono. Methinks those tossing flak need to shut up.

Chastity/Chaz has been through a lot. And now he has to contend with being a man, which he has acknowledged has its challenges. Just dealing with the male libido can be exhausting. Chaz will likely be experiencing that male libido acting up problem due to the fact his dancing partner is Lacey Schwimmer. I like Lacey.

Will we be seeing Cher in the audience? I hope so.

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