Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Survivor South Pacific 90 Minute Premiere Starts Tonight Wednesday September 14, 8 ET/7 CT

Survivor South Pacific Cast
I did not realize until this morning that it is time for Survivor to start up again. Wednesday night, September 14 at 8 ET/7CT, on CBS.

This iteration of Survivor is called Survivor South Pacific. Which would seem to indicate it takes places on some undisclosed island in the South Pacific.

I don't know if I'm up and ready for another Survivor.

Survivor: Redemption Island sort of Jumped the Shark for me.

Not due to Redemption Island, but due to being the most boring, to me, season of Survivor in Survivor history.

That and having Russell Hantz and Robert Carlo "Boston Rob" Mariano on, yet again, when there are so many Americans who would love a chance to be on Survivor, just seems really wrong.

And then to have Boston Rob's predictable win. Boring.

There have been times in the past when I bail on a TV Show due to a Jumped the Shark moment. I have never watched another minute of Big Brother after the creepily reptilian, non-All-Star, Mike "Boogie" Malin, won Big Brother All-Stars, an All-Star show which only included him because Big Brother's #1 All-Star, Dr. Will Kirby, refused to be on the show unless his best friend, the reptilian "Boogie" was on with him.

Boston Rob winning Survivor, after his 3rd (or was it 4th?) attempt, is not quite as cringe-worthy as the creepy reptile "Boogie" winning Big Brother. I actually like Rob Mariano. He's funny. I just don't think he should have been on Survivor so many times.

Anyway, creature of habit that I be, I may tune in tonight to see where in the South Pacific Survivor is this time.

If I was a betting man and Vegas was taking bets, I'd bet on Samoa being the location yet again. With the title Survivor South Pacific being used because Survivor Samoa #3 just does not have a nice ring to it.


cd0103 said...

We have another "returnee" this time. "Coach" is going to be on. Sigh.... I may make it through two episodes.

Durango TV said...

cd0103? Coach? I don't know, now, if I'm gonna make it through the first episode. Why would they bring back that annoying idiot? He was just ridiculous. And not in a fun way.