Friday, September 16, 2011

Flipping Out Finale Reunion with Interior Therapy & Jeff Yelling at Trace

It seems like the latest season of Flipping Out just started flipping and yet it is already over, including the Reunion Show.

Flipping Out seemed strange and truncated this time around. Was it the addition of Jeff's boyfriend, Gage that made it strange? I don't know.

At the reunion Andy Cohen asked Gage if he was a Lady Macbeth. I'm not all that well versed on Shakespeare. I assume Lady Macbeth got rid of people she considered a threat.

Gage denied being a Lady Macbeth. Yet he sort of was the lady behind the sacking of Sarah and Trace.

Getting rid of Sarah made sense. She should have been long gone.

The Trace firing seemed wrong. But, I think the Trace kid will be much better off being out of the Jeff Lewis orbit.

The idea that Jeff Lewis fires someone over some minor thing like Auto-cadding a personal closet, as being some violation of work ethics, while Jeff crosses the line over and over again in terms of proper work environment rules, including sitting silent when a client smacked Trace.

Or when that creepy woman, who's name I've already forgotten, repeatedly verbally abused Jenni, with Jeff, finally, putting an end to the abuse, after way too long.

At the reunion Jeff seemed to totally flip out during the confrontation with Trace, while Trace acted like the mature, calm one.

Previously it had been said that Cage was 26. I think at the reunion Jeff said something like Cage would soon be 26. How can that boy be only 25 years old?

Jeff seems to get on Andy's nerves at times, prompting a glare from Andy and an Andy admonishment that Jeff had gone to far, yet again, with his rude remarking.

At one point, in response to Andy's questioning, Jeff did quite poignantly admit how important Zoila, Jenni and some of the others were to him.

During the entire run of this latest season of Flipping Out we heard no mention of Casa Vega. Casa Vega was a prominent part of the previous season, which ended with the Casa Vega remodeling project unfinished.

I thought for sure Andy would ask Jeff about Casa Vega at the reunion. But, he did not.

I was thinking maybe Flipping Out may have come to its cancellation point, but after the reunion and future based questions from Andy Cohen, I think we will be seeing a season 5 of Flipping Out.

Andy also dropped the surprising news that there is going to be a Flipping Out spin-off called Interior Therapy, where, apparently, Jeff and Jenni spend a week in someone's home re-doing their interior, with appearances by Zoila.

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