Friday, September 16, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills High in the Rockies with Chocolate Chip Cookies & Taylor Armstrong's Giant Lips

Two episodes in to the 2nd season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I can say I am being way more entertained by these housewives than the majority of that bunch from New York City.

Speaking of RHONY, the latest buzz on the Interwebs, regarding those NY broads, is that Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, Cindy Barshop and Alex McCord have all gotten the boot. I say very good riddance to the shrill harpy Jill, the mentally warped Kelly, the dour sourpuss Cindy, but why Alex? That is very perplexing. I like Alex.

Back to Beverly Hills. After all the angst in the media regarding how Bravo was going to handle the death of Russell Armstrong, with possibilities ranging from canceling the show, postponing it, re-editing it, or just airing it as planned, I thought the end result was very thoughtful. Air the show as scheduled, with a 10 minute opening where the Housewives and husbands, sans Taylor, show up at Adrienne Maloof's to commiserate about the tragedy. And then on to the show.

The first appearance of the now grieving Taylor was weird, breathlessly running into some store to tell Kyle she'd run into Lisa's former permanent houseguest and con man, Cedric.

Taylor turned drama queen at a dinner party at the Maloof's due to a remark by Lisa's husband Ken regarding his opinion about therapy.

I don't think we yet know the whole story and truth regarding Taylor Armstrong and her relationship with her now dead husband, Russell. But, I really feel very little sympathy for that annoying swollen lipped woman.

On episode 2 the housewives fly to Colorado, invited by Camille, to her home in Beaver Creek. Landing in Denver the housewives are mortified to learn that, due to a closure on I-70, they would be taking a 4 hour limo ride to their destination in the Rockies.

Kim Richards seems to have turned into an almost non-stop chatterbox. 4 hours with that in a limo would wear on my last nerve.

I could not help but wonder why the girls did not fly directly to Beaver Creek. If Beaver Creek has no airport, surely nearby Vail or Aspen does. Methinks the 4 hour limo incarceration was used for drama potential.

Camille's house in the mountains was quite nice. Camille is being very likable in semi-bitter divorcee mode.

The only other thing that sticks in my memory, besides the hot platter of chocolate chip cookies delivered to those spoiled ladies when they reached the bottom of the ski slope, was the outdoor spa scene with Kyle and the hyper-annoying Taylor Armstrong.

Kyle & Taylor in a Hot Spa
Surrounded by Snow
Taylor was in woe is me mode. Kyle was trying to get Taylor to tell her one single specific fact of what was behind the woe. The dialogue went something like this...

Taylor: I just have so much resentment.
Kyle: What’s the resentment about?
Taylor: It’s just been a long time.
Kyle: What’s been a long time?
Taylor: I'm tired.
Kyle: What are you tired of?
Taylor: It’s been a lot of years.
Kyle: Why not go?
Taylor: I want so badly to make it work.
Kyle: Why stay?
Taylor: I'm scared.

If I were Kyle I think I would have told Taylor I was not interested in listening to her whining if she was unable to talk about whatever it was that was bothering her.

Of course, now that we know some of the sordid details behind Taylor's closed doors we know she's probably resentful about being broke, about her husband's abusiveness, her husband's twisted sexual proclivities and just the stress of living the life of a con artist.

Unlike The Real Housewives of New York City, there are really none of the Beverly Hills Housewives who I think are so disgusting, or uninteresting, that I think they should be booted.

I'd willingly open my door (or TV screen) to any of the Beverly Hills' ladies. I'd slam my door in the face of Jill Zarin or Cindy Barshop. I might let Kelly Bensimon in just to be amused by her loopy nonsense, for a very short while. And then I'd ask her to leave.

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