Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paul Beats Will On Hell's Kitchen Season 9 Finale to be Executive Chef at BLT Steak in New York City

Paul Niedermann, the guy fellow chef, Jennifer Plumley, had a huge crush on, on Monday night, became the latest winner of Hell's Kitchen.

The final two to last in Hell's Kitchen were Paul and Will Lustberg. Many assumed Will was the favorite to win. But Will had some woes with his final dinner service, while Paul had the good luck to have the Primo Diva, Elise Wims, on her best behavior, helping him win.

In the first hour of the 2 hour Hell's Kitchen finale it was down to the aforementioned Paul, Will and Elise.

And Tommy Stevens.

For weeks I've wondered why Tattooed Tommy had not been booted out of Hell's Kitchen. Tommy seemed to have a lot of competency issues. Apparently he was amusing to Chef Gordon Ramsay. We saw that via outtakes at the end, where Ramsay kept making jokes about Tommy's teenage girlfriend.

In the first hour we met Tommy's girlfriend. And mother. Tommy engaged in way too high a level of public display of affection with his teenage girlfriend. We also met Will's wife and mother. Or was it mother-in-law? Elise was surprised Will's wife was sort of good-looking. I was surprised to learn Elise was married and had reproduced. As for Paul, he has not married or reproduced. His big brother was his loved one in the Loved Ones Show Up Episode.

Paul won the reward challenge in the Loved Ones Show Up Episode. This had Elise in tears, again, as Paul and his big brother took a limo to some VIP treatment with Tommy Lasorda and the Los Angeles Dodgers, at a game where Chef Ramsay tossed out the first pitch at the sparsely attended game.

In the final hour, after Will won a cook-off challenge giving him first pick for his final dinner service team, he inexplicably picked Tommy. Paul then picked Elise. When it was down to 2 remaining, Will picked the incompetent Krupa Patel, leaving Paul with Elise's arch enemy, Carrie Keep.

Will thought he'd sealed Paul's doom by sending Carrie to his team. But, it did not work out that way. Krupa ended up causing Will a world of hurt, while Elise, for once, worked well with others, including Carrie.

In the end, it was Paul's door that opened, giving him the win, with a $250 K salary at BLK Steak in New York City. I hope Paul lasts long enough to collect one year's worth of salary.

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