Saturday, September 10, 2011

According to Reality Steve Holly & Michael Win Bachelor Pad With Holly Engaged to Blake While Ben Flajnik is Announced as the Next Bachelor

ABC's Bachelor Pad sort of wore out its welcome with me last week.

Erica Rose & Blake coming in 2nd in the amusing Nearlywed Game, and, like winners, Graham & Michelle, getting to leave the Pad on a date, with an overnight option.

And then on that date Erica & Blake learn that they have to give a couple back in the Pad a pair of Sacred Red Immunity Roses.

It was giving the Sacred Red Immunity Roses to Vienna & Kasey that jumped the shark for me. I really do not like Kasey. Is his nasally high pitched voice the result of a medical condition? Did puberty halt for Kasey part way through the deepening of the voice process?

I digress.

So, Erica & Blake gave away the pair of Sacred Red Immunity Roses and then were promptly evicted from the Pad. Leaving Kasey & Vienna, Ella & Kirk, Michelle & Graham and Holly & Michael remaining.

There is this guy who calls himself "Reality Steve" who is a Master of Spoilage. Near as I can tell "Reality Steve's" spoilers are close to 100% accurate, most of the time.

Below is what "Reality Steve" had to say about Monday night's Bachelor Pad Finale...

-They bring out the 14 contestants who aren’t in the final four and get an update what’s going on with everyone. Ames and Jackie’s broken relationship is brought up and Ames basically says she’s a great girl, but they’re too different. Jackie is still surprised she got dumped, but whatever. They’re not together. You knew that.

-Jake is up on the hot seat first. Talked about the triangle with him, Kasey, and Vienna. Kasey apologizes for some of the things he directed at Jake this season, and they hug it out on stage. Booooooooo…..

-Blake is up next on the hot seat. Now remember, the final four haven’t been brought out yet. Michael, Holly, Michelle, and Graham are all backstage not knowing what’s happening out on stage.

-Blake talks about the whole Melissa incident, then is asked about what’s the status with Holly. He says he’s been spending a lot of time with her, he loves her, and he’s never loved anyone like this before. Chris Harrison then steps in and says something to the effect of, “There’s more to this story…”. Then then show a clip on the big screen, where in just the last few days, Blake proposed to Holly and she accepted. They are engaged, which is why she’s moving to South Carolina. Now their tweets to each other Monday night make sense. It wasn’t specified when exactly this engagement that was shown on the big screen took place, but, it was sometime in the last few days.

-Kasey is on the hot seat next and talks about how he was embarrassed by some of the things he saw of himself on TV and that the show was very difficult to watch for him and Vienna. He says they’re in love, and that they’re still together, which we knew since they just bought a place in LA together.

-The final four is brought out on stage. Both teams had to state their case as to why they thought they deserved the money. Michael described why Holly should win, then Holly did the same as to why she thought Michael should win. Graham and Michelle did the same each explaining why they thought the other team member deserved to win. Michelle also made it clear that she didn’t want any pity votes from anyone because of what happened with her father.

-At some point during this is when Michael finds out Holly is engaged to Blake. Michael did not know. He knew Holly was moving to South Carolina, but she never told him (I guess she tried but couldn’t get a hold of him), and Michael is told that they’re engaged. He’s pretty surprised.

-Also up on stage, not sure at what point it went down, but Graham was talking about Michelle and started to get down on one knee. I guess some thought there was gonna be another proposal, but, he didn’t. He had a bouquet of flowers next to his seat. He gave one rose to Michelle, then went in the audience and gave the rest of the bouquet to her mother who was in attendance over the passing of her husband.

-Before the voting took place, the eliminated contestants got to ask the final four any questions. Rego basically said he didn’t think any of them deserved the money. Kirk asked each one individually why they thought they deserved the money. Kasey asked Michael and Holly why they deserved the money over Graham and Michelle. Michael thought that was the exact same question as Kirk’s, Kasey said no it wasn’t, but I guess Michael disagreed and said he wasn’t gonna answer the question.

-So it was voting time, as each of the 14 contestants had to write down the name of the COUPLE they wanted to win. And by an overwhelming majority of 10-4….Michael and Holly got the most votes. The only 4 votes for Graham and Michelle were from Kasey, Vienna, Melissa, and William.

-At this point, it was the same exact ending as last season. Both Michael and Holly go backstage, and have to each choose either “Keep” or “Share.”

-If one chose “Keep” and the other chose “Share”, the one who chose keep gets all 250k.
-If they both chose “Share”, they split the 250k.
-If they both chose “Keep”, neither gets anything, and the remaining 14 contestants split the 250k.

-After deliberation in the back, Holly shows her choice first, and it’s “Share.” Michael pulls a Natalie from last season and starts saying things that are leaning towards him choosing “Keep” (like finding out she’s now engaged), but in the end, he says they were partners, and he chose “Share”, so the two of them will now split 250k.

-Last order of business was Ben being brought out and he’s introduced as the next “Bachelor.” In case you didn’t read what I wrote three weeks ago when I announced this, the women arrive in LA on Saturday the 17th, and filming begins on Ben’s season Tuesday, September 20th.

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