Saturday, September 17, 2011

Have Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, Cindy Barshop & Alex McCord Been Fired From The Real Housewives of New York City?

Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord & Jill Zarin
It has been clearly obvious to the majority of viewers for two seasons now that The Real Housewives of New York City had a couple serious problems.

Primarily those problems were Kelly Bensimon and Jill Zarin. Zarin's on screen antics regarding Bethenny Frankel were repulsive to a lot of viewers.

And it was completely clear, to most, that something is seriously wrong, mental health wise, with Kelly Bensimon. And not in an entertaining to watch, but in a disturbing to watch, way.

Jill Zarin's neurotic need to constantly pick fights and hold grudges eventually wore down most viewer's tolerance. This is just not a nice person. It's not just the constant snarkiness, the constant self-righteousness, the overarching narcissim, it's just that this is just not the type of person most of us would tolerate having in our lives. So, why would we want to watch her on our TV screens?

Various websites are reporting that Bravo has decided to dump Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon.

And Alex McCord.

I think it is just a given, with no need to mention it, that Cindy Barshop is toast.

But? Alex McCord?

It won't be the same show without Alex McCord. Getting rid of Jill and clueless Kelly greatly improves the show's dynamic, likely causing the discourse to be much more elevated. Alex was never a problem. I know some viewers did not care for Alex and Simon, but the majority grew to like the pair.

Just read the comments to the housewives blogs on the RHONY website and you can easily tell Alex is popular with the viewers, in an authentic way. Then check out the comments to Jill and Kelly's blogs. It's like they pay people to make boilerplate "you are so wonderful" type comments.

As of September 15 Alex McCord Tweeted that as far as she knows she is still on The Real Housewives of New York City....

I can not imagine what rationale Bravo would have for dumping Alex. Then again, by what rationale did they add Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop to the cast? And by what rationale did Bravo keep the repugnant Zarin after her repugnant mistreatment of fan favorite Bethenny Frankel?

It's all very perplexing.

Note to Bravo and Andy Cohen. If you fire Alex McCord, I won't be watching the New York City Housewives anymore.

UPDATE: From Facebook, a Thursday, September 15, denial from Alex McCord regarding being "fired" from the Real Housewives of New York City. Along with some Facebook comments from fans of Alex...

Medina Mount Jarman Alex and Simon, I do hope you return. If not, I am sure there are other things in the works for you. LuAnne and Jill are very tiring to watch and their mean girls act is old. :)

Linda Lieberman Andy C could've just taken a vote - you WOULD be in -Jill-out

Dixie Leigh Hope we'll still see you this season. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE BLONDES. ALL OF THEM. RAMONA, SONJA, AND ALEX!

Suzanne Mourer Alex, I hope that you are still on. Jill was so mean, and I'm glad that she is off. Here's to many more years to come for you!

Merilyn Zallan Ulrich I was hoping that Jill, the Countess and Kelly were history...oh well. I can still hope. I also hope that you and Simon come back as the show won't be worth watching without the two of you.

Kellie Corrigan didn't understand the addition of Cindy.....the more they add the farther away from fun the show gets....LuAnn is a snob and Kelly is just plain impossible to watch. Maybe you & Simon shosuld do your own show...??

Vicki Troglen Haynes I just wrote a friend telling her that i would NO LONGER watch the show without you and Simon. I saw that news on an online magazine that you, Jill and Kelly had been fired. Fire them with Lu-Ann man and leave you alone please. Thanks so much Alex!!!!!

Laurel Stinnett If you and Simon go, then my days of watching ANY Bravo program will be over. I love the two of you. You are honest and forthright and GENUINELY kind and compassionate. You are not fakers like those pathetic aging harpies Jill, Kelly, and LuAnn. I agree that you should get your own show if Bravo fires you.

Penny White Roberts Bloom You have to and Simon make it more interesting especially the blondes are the most real.

Robin Goetzinger Alex I really hate to see you go. I want that fake red headed two faced mouth of a trucker Jill gone, crazy jelly beans for brains Kelly gone, classless COUNTLESS so called women/man who thinks she/he can sing LuLu gone and Cindy who can't be bothered with taking care of her children, so she pushes them off onto someone else. GONE GONE GONE GONE all of them.

Melissa Durbin It is all over the place that you are not going to be back on the show .I hope it's not true but if it is just see it as a chance to do something else . I will miss you so much on RHONY .I think they made a mistake in letting you go.

Maria Annette Sprouse Fore Alex..the RHNY will not be the same without you and your family, when I read the "supposed" firing of you I was quite upset, Love you on the show and it will not be the same without you, hope Bravo realizes that..........:)

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