Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Amazing Race Season 19 With Survivor's Ethan & Jenna Premieres Sunday, September 25 at 8/7C

I am currently non-plussed with Survivor and its now constant returning of past Survivors for one more shot at the game and the million bucks, this time with Coach & Ozzy, both back for their 3rd try to be the sole Survivor.

The Amazing Race has done stunt casting in the past. Rob & Amber, also from Survivor, come to mind. Rob & Amber were actually quite entertaining on The Amazing Race.

A couple times The Amazing Race has cast people who were on Big Brother. I remember no names.

And now on the 19th Season of The Amazing Race, premiering next Sunday, September 25 at 8/7C, The Amazing Race has gone for a bit of Jump the Shark level of bad casting.

Ethan Zohn and his girlfriend, Jenna Morasca.

Ethan won the million dollar prize on Survivor: Africa. Jenna won the million dollar prize on Survivor: The Amazon. Both were on Survivor: All Stars. Which Jenna soon quit to go home to be with her mother.

Methinks Ethan & Jenna have had more than their fair share of fun on CBS Reality TV Shows. Me also thinks it would be a far better thing to give a chance to one of the thousands upon thousands of regular folks who send in audition tapes.

Like me and the Queen of Wink.

Me and the Queen would be far funner, funnier and better racers than Ethan & Jenna. And neither of us has yet won a million dollars on a CBS Reality TV Show.

I really do not think viewers are going to react well to watching Ethan & Jenna racing on The Amazing Race. Though, having them be the last to the mat on the first leg would be satisfying. Seeing them first to the mat on the final leg would be maddening.

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