Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Show Part 3 Tonight

The latest iteration of The Real Housewives of New York City, aka RHONY, comes to a merciful, I hope, end tonight, with Part 3 of the extremely entertaining, so far, Reunion Show.

In Part 2, Kelly Bensimon brought out the gibberish spouting, clueless lunatic. Again. Apparently, according to what I've read in more than one location, Kelly believes she is creating great television. And is quite proud of this accomplishment.

That is self-proclaimed super shy person, Kelly Bensimon, in the picture, wearing more than when the super shy girl wore nothing in Playboy.

Meanwhile, Jill Zarin's plan to rehabilitate her un-rehabilitatable reputation went all asunder, when Jill ignored the advice of her paid PR people and went on various rampages, again revealing Jill's true nature. A very ugly, mean-spirited, sort of stupid, nature.

Unable to control the flood of constant criticism on her Facebook Fan Page, Jill did what any spoiled brat does when she doesn't get her way, Jill took her toys away from the other kids, or in this case, removed her Facebook page.

I assume Jill has also given up on Twitter. She was displaying all sorts of malignant thinking on Twitter.

Back to Kelly. Survivor Sucks is my favorite source for TV show info. And, well, gossip. You can find RHONY in the Other Shows That Suck section of Survivor Sucks.

This morning on Survivor Sucks I read some speculation about Kelly's loony behavior being booze caused. This speculation was started by someone repeating what a former nanny, employed by Kelly Bensimon, allegedly said.

I'll copy and paste some of the comments regarding Kelly and an alcohol problem below...

Kelly Bensimon's former nanny says Kelly starts her day by spiking her coffee with tequila. The nanny was the fourth person in four months to work for Kelly, and at Kelly's daughter's school, the lady at the front desk told the nanny: "I hope you don't have a breakdown like the last lady."


I swear, I knew she was an alcoholic. I really think it's what's caused her serious brain damage in addition to her other psychological problems. She is way too adamant about the whole "I really don't drink" thing. Yeah, maybe not in front of people.


Yeah, she doesn't drink but she's pimping out the drink she just invented. ugh.


I thought about the alcohol thing too, but her words are hardly ever slurred, and she gets up at the crack of dawn to go to yoga and then run thru the streets of NYC. What alchie is able to pull all that off?


I don't know, but I'm thinking big time bi polar that won't take her meds.


I just think Kelly isn't very bright..and tries to use things she's heard other people say but disremembers the she comes off crazy..and yes..add anger issues..her kids are bright though.

Okay, that's the end of the Kelly the Drunk comments. I also thought it odd during Part 2 of the Reunion Show when the subject of Kelly's loopy comment of making lemonade out of lemons malapropism came up. Kelly then said she'd been inspired by that comment to invent a drink called Kellyade. If I remember right Kellyade is lemonade mixed with Tequila.

I've been around extremely stupid people when they consume alcohol. The effect is way different than when extremely smart people consume alcohol. As in stupid people, like Kelly, are very quickly effected by a very small amount of alcohol. Their stupidity is quickly amped up, as is their confidence that what they have to say is not stupid. Being under the influence when she's being particularly crazy may be why Kelly does not seem to remember what actually happened. Even when she sees it on video.

Looking forward to tonight. Particularly the moment when Jill pushes Ramona into getting stomping mad. And Kelly not remembering what she'd told Ramona about Kelly's inability to feel anything.

The highlight of the Reunion Show will be at the end, when Andy Cohen announces that Kelly Bensimon will not be returning. Okay, change "will" to "would" and the previous sentence becomes true.

See you at Survivor Sucks after the show!

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