Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Bachelorette: Ali's Istanbul Belly Dancing & Ominous Previews

On The Bachelorette it seems that Ali Fedotowsky does not go on a date without taking her bikini along. And if any sort of opportunity presents itself to get into her bikini, she does so.

On Monday night's Istanbul episode Ali's final date of the night was with Frank. They went shopping and had dinner in what looked like a catacomb.

During the shopping there was no bikini opportunity, so Ali did the next best thing and put on a Belly Dancer outfit. While Frank wore a Sultan's Turban and acted all impressed with Ali's Belly Dancing.

This morning came news that, pre-The Bachelorette, a former boyfriend of Ali's snapped some pictures of her without her bikini on. This rejected former boyfriend is supposedly trying to find a buyer for the photos.

Apparently several tabloids have shown an interest in Ali's naked pics, but the ex's asking price is too high.

Change of subject.

Monday night's previews. I did not watch them until this morning when I read that they pretty much revealed the rest of the show. We see Roberto, Frank and, I think Ty and another guy get the hometown dates. I have trouble remember these guy's names.

Then we go to Tahiti, where it's obvious Frank is one of the final 3. The other 2 are shown also, but again, I am terrible at remembering these guy's names. I'm fairly certain Ty was there. And that blond guy. Or was it Roberto?

Anyway, we see Frank confess to Ali, it seems, that he's just not all that in to her. Ali is shocked, because she really was in to Frank. We see a lot of crying in the preview, with Ali thinking there's something wrong with her and another of the guys saying he just didn't think he could propose under the circumstances. I assume the circumstances are he also isn't all that in to Ali.

I think maybe the The Bachelorette producers made a boo-boo showing way too much in the previews. Then again, it made me want to watch all of the Ali/Frank meltdown.

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