Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bachelor Jake Splits From Vienna, While Ali Discovers the Bachelor Justin the Wrestler has a Girlfriend. Or Two.

This morning I saw "Jake Vienna" on the list of Google trends. I didn't care enough to wonder why.

This afternoon I found out why the pair were being Google trendy.

The bachelor, and his bride to be, are no more. Splitsville. Romance failed. Bye bye Vienna. Pack your stuff and go.

Jake Pavelka confirmed his latest failed romance, but refused to say why the love match with Vienna had gone sour. Pavelka said, "I'm saddened by the whole thing, but sometimes love just isn't enough in a relationship. No matter what happens, Vienna and I will remain friends."

I wonder if Vienna finally had had enough of Jake's cliche spouting.

It would seem, due to the extremely low success rate, that the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise would meet its demise. As in, after awhile, isn't it a bit clear that the concept is flawed. But entertaining to watch.

Currently The Bachelor is 1 for 14, with Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney being the only married couple. The Bachelorette part of the franchise has the marriage of Trista and Ryan, plus a baby or two, as successes among the many failures.

Now on to the current Bachelorette debacle. Apparently it is Canadian professional wrestler, Justin, I think his wrestling name is "Rated R," who creates the drama next week in the most dramatic episode ever, I believe that is what I read Chris Harrison say, when Justin reveals, or is confronted with the fact, that he has a girl friend back home. The rumor is that the girl friend somehow called Ali to let Ali know what a two-timing bastard Justin is. Those Canadians are such bad boys.

I'm sure much amusing drama and brouhahaing shall ensue.

Meanwhile, I wonder if Vienna will go back to working at Hooters. And did she keep the $50K engagement ring?

And will Jake, now a free man, show up at Ali's final sacred ring ceremony to declare he is now a free man? Without a job.

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