Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion: The Smackdown Part 1

I tell you, these New York City girls are delivering. I read somewhere, likely a totally disreputable place to be reading, that this season of RHONY has become a cultural phenomenon.

I don't know if it is possible to reach cultural phenomenon status with around 2 million viewers. Maybe it is. If by cultural phenomenon one means a lot of magazine and tabloid covers, well, that might indicate something phenomenal. And the show does seem to have a lot of media and celebrity types talking about it.

Yesterday I saw the cover of US Weekly, with Kelly, Bethenny and, I think, Ramona, on the cover, with the big headline being, I think, "Bullying, Lies & Betrayal."

Kelly Bensimon has further cemented her demented status with her bizarre anti-bullying Public Service Announcement campaign, based on how, in her twisted little mind, she was bullied by the other girls, while on what she calls Poison Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Bravo's Andy Cohen had been making noises along the line that this season's reunion show really delivers. I figured this was just hype. And then I watched the first reunion hour. If anything, Andy was understated.

Apparently the 8 hours of reunion filming produced enough good stuff to warrant 3 hours of reunion shows, with Part 2 taking place Monday.

Part 1 had way too many good parts to recount. I love the ascendancy of Alex. Not only is she finally in full slap these bitches mode, saying what she really thinks, it seems, somehow, this has caused Alex to amp up in the looks department to being knockout out gorgeous, beautiful, cutie status. Previously to this season I never would have thought I would ever describe Alex in such a positive way. I am not alone in this change of heart.

The segment covering Ramona was amusing. Ramona always seems to handle criticism well. I guess she has had a lot of practice at making abject apologies.

Bethenny was in full glow mode. Filming took place only 12 days after she had her baby. Bethenny delivered, most excellently, a total teardown/breakdown of what really went down with her former BFF, Jill Zarin.

The coaching Jill received from PR experts seemed to have toned her down a bit, at first, and sort of had her, almost, believably contrite about her unbelievably bad behavior. And then the pressure got to her and the true Jill Zarin, self-described New York Bitch, came out in all her ugly glory.

Jill Zarin seemed somehow costumed to fit the bitch/witch part. I don't know what the deal is with her big wig of strange looking hair, scary makeup, odd dress and giant green high heel shoes. I've read more than one viewer describe Jill's tasteless look as "Truck Stop Hooker." That makes sense to me. Though I don't think I've ever seen a truck stop hooker. I can guess what they'd look like. Now that I've seen Jill Zarin so attired.

Kelly Bensimon brought her brand of insanity out at times. At one point she suddenly instructed Alex to cross her legs. Once again Kelly brought up Bethenny supposedly planting stories about Kelly and her kids. And once more, when asked to elaborate, Kelly can't. And turns increasingly incoherent and angry. It's weird how many times we've seen this.

I'm guessing Kelly has another insanity Breakdown/Breakthrough in Parts 2 or 3. Or both. The previews show Bethenny once again telling Kelly she needs psychological help, that her behavior is not normal. Kelly then storms off the set. In another part of the preview we see Ramona stomping in front of Jill, acting out how Jill might have arrived on Scary/Poison Island, rather than the imperious way Jill did arrive, offputting the 4 Kelly victims and the 2 million plus viewers.

Bravo has really amped up the Real Housewives franchise with the New York City girls this season. Can this much nuttiness possibly be matched or topped by any of the other Housewife franchises? Well, we do have Atlanta. And Kim Zolciak taking time out from her affair with Big Poppa to have an affair with a woman. That should be some classy viewing.

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