Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Too Much Smoking

There is too much smoking on Hell's Kitchen. And I'm not referring to Tuesday night's first episode where Hell's Kitchen was a BBQ joint for the first time.

Which is another thing, why are we getting back to back Hell's Kitchen episodes? That is way too much Hell's Kitchen in one sitting for me.

So, I've not watched the 2nd Tuesday episode.

Maria deservedly got sent home on the 1st episode of the night. At one point Ramsay remarked that Maria is really weird. Which seems to be true. But, I found her to be funny.

Scott is continuing his losing ways on the women's team. That boy seems very delusional. Last week he couldn't cook beef, this week it was chicken.

Leather-faced Fran did well on the 1st episode, but the girls (and Scott) lost. Ramsay had Fran pick 2 to go home. Fran picked Maria and Nilka, after Scott successfully manipulated Fran into not naming him.

But, Ramsay was not pleased. He called Scott down and sent Nilka back to safety. Maria tried to plead her case, but it didn't work. As she walked down the hall of shame all I could think was what an enormous rear Maria has.

Now, back to the smoking. What is it with the Hell's Kitchen chefs? All of them seem to smoke. A lot. On Top Chef I've seen some smoking, but not like this. So many of the Hell's Kitchen chefs appear to be unhealthy, overweight, out of shape. You add smoking to that and it's not a good thing.

And does not all that smoking ruin your ability to taste accurately the food you're cooking? I don't get it. Seems like a cigarette would be one of the last things a chef would want in his/her mouth.

I'll likely watch Tuesday night's second episode, tonight. And will likely be freshly appalled by all the smoking.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. It disgusts me to think about the air quality in their little break room. I've been in many stressful work environments where smoking is not as prevalent as it seems to be on this show.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed this every season too! Way too much smoking! And I agree the double episodes are too much. It is as if they are just trying to race through the season.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is disgusted with the smoking. So much smoking, yet one never sees these "chefs" wash their hands. It's disgusting. No wonder they can't win the taste challenge.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Ramsey doesn't rip into these smokers who can't name say a "potato" in the blindfold taste test.....or a piece of "chicken"....hmm...maybe you idiots smoke too much ruined your palate

Anonymous said...

I don't understand when non-smokers became so crazed with anti-smoking propaganda. I remember when "do you mind if I smoke?" was somewhat of a rhetoric question. Nobody ever said "no."

This is such a middle class issue. Having worked in the service industry.....especially on the east coast where people aren't so neurotic about smoking.....EVERYBODY smokes. Quite alot of people do drugs too.

These people ARE serving YOU after which you drive your Lexus home to your Sharper Image air-filtered apartments and watch Hell's Kitchen and complain that people are smoking in a room that YOU AREN"T EVEN IN.

Just a few thoughts....

Anonymous said...

I assume ^^ is a smoker. Couldn't be more obvious that an unhealthy smoker is sticking up for the other unhealthy smokers.

Oh, and smoking has very little to do with social class. Just ask the chain smoking factory workers or the chain smoking A-list actors. Completely irrelevant.

Anti-smoking propaganda is like saying anti-cancer propaganda. How can you even think of attaching a negative connotation to press that exposes the life-endangering effects of Tobacco?

Just a few thoughts...