Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Season 7, Episode 4, Scott & Autumn on Chopping Block

I like Hell's Kitchen. I find Chef Gordan Ramsay very amusing.

On Tuesday night, when Barack Obama spoke to the nation for the first time from the Oval Office, he pushed off the start of Hell's Kitchen.

This caused me to lose the ending of the 2nd episode of the night. Ramsay had told both Scott and Autumn to take off their jackets. Usually this indicates they are to be sent home. But my recording had stopped.

I was to learn later, the pair switched jackets. And teams. So, now both get to share their brands of overbearing know-it-all-ness with the other team, Autumn Lewis with the boys, Scott with the girls.

Scott Hawley is quite a piece of work. I think he annoys the editors in the same way he annoys everyone else. He is given his own sarcastic heroic theme music. Scott took the Italian boy, Salvatore Coppola (no relation to Francis Ford) under his wing. Salvatore had some cooking woes and Scott was only too happy to bless Salvatore with his mentoring ways.

But, Scott was due for a serious comeuppance. And so, after Salvatore had a meltdown in the first episode of the night, Ramsay bucked him up, as did Scott, with Salvatore cooking to Ramsay's satisfication on the 2nd episode of the night. With Scott screwing up something as simple as spuds and then not being able to cook beef to the right temperature.

In the end, Ramsay praised Salvatore and told him he had to pick one of his team for elimination. Of course, Scott thought he was safe, what with his helpful mentoring and with the two being friends. But, Salvatore threw Scott under the bus, which is really where Scott needed to be.

The bootee in the first hour was Jamie Bisoulis. She was pretty incompetent. But I found her amusing. Her best line last night was "Chef Ramsay was all over my ass. And not in a good way."

The girls won the first reward of the night. This saw them playing soccer against Ramsay and his family on a Malibu beach. I hit the fast forward button.

Jason Ellis had a panic attack on the 2nd episode when the boys won the reward and Ramsay told them they'd be sky diving. Turned out to be a sky diving simulation, so Jason had a heart attack for no good reason.

Another amusing moment came courtesy Maria Torrisi. In the 1st episode we'd seen her laughing inappropriately. She seems to have stifled that bad habit. She can put some pretty weird expressions on her face. But something about her is appealling to me. Last night Ramsay made some remark that referenced her "pretty face." This had Maria all atwitter, saying no one had ever called her pretty before. I can not type a replication of how funny it was.

The old lady of the teams, Fran Klier, boiled one of her hands in water. But opted to continue on, cooking badly, til she got so far in over her head that the girls tried to intervene. And then Ramsay sent her to the medic. Fran was up for the boot, along with Jamie, in the 1st episode. I think it should have been Fran to be sent home.

It will be interesting to see how well Scott works with the girls. There is one cute on, Holli Ugalde. I don't remember if we've had a romance on Hell's Kitchen before. I think it's about time.

So far, I can't tell if any of these people is a good chef. Ramsay seems a bit perplexed by that conundrum, as well.

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