Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Real Housewives of New York City: Bravo Insider Gossip While Kelly & Jill Lunch at World Pie

You're looking at The Real Housewives of New York City's Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon outside of something called World pie, where they had lunch.

Jill Zarin continues her internet assault on Alex McCord, thus continuing to sink deeper and deeper into the Mean Girl hole Jill dug for herself over the course of the just completed 3rd season of RHONY.

A supposed, alleged Bravo insider has leaked Bravo's thinking as to what to do about the cast of RHONY. I'll copy that supposed insider info below.

But first I've got some Twitter Tweeting to copy.

First, Kelly Twittered to Jill, one of Kelly's now notoriously stupid Tweets. Kelly Tweeted @jillzarin, saying, "I loved lunch at World pie. I admire our friendship so much."

This Kelly comment prompted others to Tweet, like whatthatsaid who Tweeted, "Has anyone actually checked her diploma?"

Kelly supposedly attended Columbia University.

PenePan Tweeted, "What is Jill wearing? Some kind of diaper? And Kelly, besides needing to take an English course, learn some posture!"

Karabrah Tweeted, "If you studied at Columbia you'd know that you don't admire your own friendships. You admire others in their friendships and "treasure your friendships".

Poppymommy also Tweeted Kelly about her bad verbiage, "you really need to learn English -- I think you meant "treasure our friendship" how the hell does someone admire their own friendship?

And now the alleged memo from a Bravo insider....

Sonja – IN
Ramona – IN

Bravo has a small list of housewives they want to approach to come on the show. Up for replacement are:

Kelly – everyone saw this coming. Talk is they want to phase her out.

LuAnn – Bravo does not like BORING. She is tanking in polls, blogs, housewives chatter, etc. Corte was more popular.

Now things get interesting:
Bravo knows this show runs on drama. Guess what they want? Yes — ALEX and Jill drama. Sonja won’t engage. Ramona is an instigator not fighter.

Alex will be approached first. IF she says yes — then Jill will be signed. If Alex says no — Jill gets replaced.

If Jill had brains, she would stop all her stupid PR tricks of fighting during. She would stop all the trolls she has sent out fighting with Simon, Alex, and other bloggers. She might want to focus a little bit more on trying to look good. If Alex doesn’t come back then stick a fork in Jill – cuz she is done.

She also needs to back off her reunion comments about her not coming back if Alex comes back. She really needs to do something not housewives related to get fans back to liking her. Her “Q” rating is still declining.

Bethenny is the only one where it is up to her if she wants to or not. She is totally undecided right now but Bravo will wait for her. She has several weeks to make a decision.

Karma — it’s like a gift from baby jesus. It just keeps giving and giving.

Again – just gossip – but it comes from inside the NBC walls. Please understand that I can not say more about the source. You can take it for what its worth which I know isn’t much but time will tell.

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