Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon's PSA about Systemic Bullying

Kelly Bensimon brought her patented madness to Monday night's Part 2 of the Real Housewives of New York City Reunion.

Crazy Kelly's revisionist history regarding her mentally ill breakdown in St. Johns on the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Kelly spins that she was the victim of systemic bullying, a spin first revealed on her Bravo Blog and then in a bizarre YouTube video, was the tactic Kelly used when confronted, by Andy Cohen, via video clips showing her appallingly bad behavior and bullying of Ramona, Bethenny, Alex and Sonja.

Reading various TV forums, this morning, the consensus seems to be that the Kelly thing has now gone too far, that Bravo is being unethical in continuing to put this obviously mentally ill woman on our TV screens. Even though it makes for some dementedly bizarre train wreck TV viewing, it just does not seem right to put this sadly, badly damaged woman in the public eye.

Bravo needs to do some sort of intervention. Maybe get Dr. Drew or Phil to give Kelly some heavy duty therapy.

And should not Child Protective Services be checking in on the welfare of Kelly's kids?

Anyway, below is Kelly's Systemic Bullying Public Service Announcement, with commenting disabled and the following blurb describing the video, in typical Kelly nonsensical fashion...

"Kelly Killoren Bensimon uses her experience with systematic bullying on the RHNYC to teach people how to handle the situation. Don't compete!"

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