Sunday, June 27, 2010

Delivering a Message to Jill Zarin

If I remember right at some point during the recently completed Season 3 of The Real Housewives of New York City we heard Jill Zarin say she uses Google Alerts. I assume, ego-maniacal narcissist that she is, Jill Zarin has a Google Alert for her name.

So, I'm sure Jill will get a Google Alert about this particular blogging, what with it mentioning Jill Zarin repeatedly.

I got the picture of Jill Zarin from her Facebook profile. It appears to be a picture taken before Jill Zarin became one of Reality TV's most hated villains. The villainous version of Jill Zarin sports ridiculous hair extensions and racoon-like eye makeup. And the villain version of Jill Zarin somehow grew some extra chins that hang down in side views of her scary mug.

Jill Zarin has had all sorts of trouble with her Facebook and Twitter pages. As in a lot of people letting Jill know what a mean, toxic bad girl they think she is. Jill Zarin tries to counter the flood of critical comments with fake comments singing Jill Zarin's praises.

Jill Zarin has been caught writing fake positive reviews, on Amazon, in a scandal known as Amazon-gate, about the failed attempt by Jill Zarin, her sister Lisa and their bizarrely twisted mother, Gloria Kamen, to get readers to buy an advice book written by these women who are in dire need of advice, called Secrets of a Jewish Mother. Also known, by some, as Delusions of a Yenta Bitch.

Despite having claimed to have learned some sort of lesson from seeing her bad behavior on her TV screen, Jill Zarin is reported to be doing her mean girl stuff to Alex McCord and Bethenny Frankel.

Alex had the gall to point out to Jill Zarin that Jill Zarin's behavior was not acceptable. This became the incident that turned Jill Zarin vicious to Alex.

Jill Zarin has supposedly hired Kim Kardashian's PR people to try and rehabilitate Jill Zarin's ruined reputation.

It's not working.

Here's my free advice to Jill Zarin.

Alex McCord is not toxic. You are. You need to call Alex and apologize.

You need to drop your "we are not friends" shtick. When Ramona tried to talk to you after your rude intrusion in St. Johns, you said to Ramona, "I thought we were friends. I see now we aren't." This is very offputting and you need to stop with that particular verbiage.

When people speak to you, listen. Do not talk over them. Aren't you at all embarrassed when you see yourself doing that?

Tone down acting so overly entitled. Getting some expensive jewelry for your birthday, then whining that your birthday, Christmas and your anniversary are so close together that you get screwed in the gift department. Aren't you something close to 60? You are way too old to act this way.

On your Twitter bio it says, "Star of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City." Not one of the "Stars." The "Star." This is yet one more example of your extreme narcissim. You are not the "Star" of the show. You are more of a Black Hole than a "Star."

I'm sure if I felt like thinking about it some more I'd think of other things Jill Zarin could do that might make people despise her a bit less. But, right now, thinking about Jill Zarin is starting to make my head hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively ON POINT! I hope she sees this post as well.