Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bachelorette: Ali Talks to Justin's Girlfriend, Chases Justin Out of Istanbul

We got a half hour, or so, of "unscripted" drama at the start of tonight's The Bachelorette, before we got to the dates.

Chris Harrison knocks on Ali's door. She's surprised to see him, apparently not wondering why there was a camera in the room with her prior to the knock.

Chris Harrison tells Ali he has some important info for her. But that a friend of Ali's, Jesse, one of the girls Jake rejected on The Bachelor, would tell Ali what she needed to hear. Jesse is in Toronto. The same town in Canada that Justin the professional wrestler who calls himself "Rated R" is from.

Harrison dials Jesse's number. The phone rings and rings. Finally Jesse answers. And somehow cameras are ready up in Canada to record this event.

Jesse tells Ali that Justin has a girl friend. Ali asks how does she know this? Jesse tells Ali that she knows this because Justin's girl friend, Jessica, is sitting right next to her.

So, Jesse hands the phone to Jessica who proceeds to tell Ali about Justin's plot to get to #3 on the show to advance his career. I'm not quite clear how this would advance a professional wrestling career.

Jessica had quite a lot to tell Ali. That Justin's been calling her. That she found out Justin has yet another girl friend. Near as I could tell, Jessica felt guilty about her part in this nefarious plot.

So, Ali gets off the phone, consults with Chris Harrison, and decides she wants to confront Justin in the boy's room.

And so she does. Ali tells Justin what she's learned. Justin didn't say anything, he just got up, left the room, got his stuff, and left. With Ali harping at him about not manning up.

Ali then ran after Justin, determined was she to hear what he had to say about these serious charges. Down flights of stairs Ali chased Justin. And then somehow was able to get in front of him for a confrontation attempt.

Ali tried to stop Justin, her hand to his chest. Justin then finally spoke, warning Ali not to touch him.

Justin takes off again, running like a trapped rat, struggling to get through some thick brush and then climbing over other stuff that was not meant to be climbed on.

Justin could not seem to find an escape route, couldn't open doors. And then somehow he shows up again and sits down to talk to Ali.

I forgot to mention, while this was going on, the other boys were watching the chase from their hotel room high above the action.

Justin's attempt at spin was pretty weak. And he denied making calls to his girl friend. And that she was his girl friend.

And then when Justin finally walked away, trying to find his way to an airplane back to Canada, voice messages he left on Jessica's phone were played, with Justin professing his love for Jessica, how much he missed her, all sorts of mushy stuff. And one of the calls was from Istanbul.

The rest of the show was sort of anticlimatic. Ali and Ty went to a bathhouse, took off their clothes, had dinner, he got a rose.

Then a group date had the boys wrestling with 4 Turkish olive oil wrestlers. And then with each other. With the winner getting a date with Ali, without the other boys. The lawyer, Craig, beat the other guys. But his date did not go well. Ali felt no love connection.

Then Ali had another alone date with Frank, who she seems to like. I find him odd. She gave him a rose after they spent a lot of time shopping.

In the end Ali was sure of who she wanted to send home, no need for a cocktail party where they could make fresh attempts to win her heart.

So, Ali sent the one with whom she felt no romantic connection, Craig, on his way back to America.

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