Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bethenny Getting Married? Buster Bluth Wedding Planner

I am not 2 episodes in to Bethenny Getting Married? and I am surprised I am finding it way more entertaining and amusing than I thought I likely would.

I thought that maybe too much Bethenny might be, well, too much.

Instead, it seems Bethenny manages to remain amusing and interesting for an entire hour.

Somewhere I read someone opine that Bethenny is sort of a young, female Woody Allen. That sounds right to me.

Bethenny has a lot of neurotic issues, handled with Woody Allenish humor. And by visiting a therapist.

I like how Bethenny and husband to be, Jason, get along. Or don't get along. They have their conflicts, but they handle them well. Sort of not in a Jill Zarin conflict type mode, or a Crazy Kelly Bensimon insane conflict type mode. Instead, Bethenny and Jason reasonably talk out their conflicts.

Jason is a people person, he wants a lot of friends and family at his wedding. Bethenny has no family. I think she'd prefer to elope.

Bethenny reluctantly agrees to a housewarming party, because it's important to Jason. But, Jason gets snowbound and can't make it back to New York City, leaving Bethenny to do the dreaded entertaining alone.

The guests arrive, including Simon and Alex from RHONY. Bethenny makes a couple of slightly snarky comments about Simon and Alex, that she likely later regretted. Alex told Bethenny she wants to give her a shower of some sort, bridal, baby, or both.

I forget when we met the Wedding Planner, Buster Bluth from Arrested Development. He seemed competent at first.

But, by episode 2 Buster can't seem to remember that Bethenny has no family, and wants to have her wedding at the 4 Seasons, or some similar place in downtown New York, not out in the boonies in an empty warehouse.

In the first episode Bethenny hired an assistant, a young male named Max. Jason was not happily onboard with Bethenny having a young, straight, male assistant, due, supposedly, to Bethenny's tendency to wander around in states of undress.

But, Jason soon came to accept Max. In the 2nd episode we saw Max learning to be an assistant. At one point, during wedding planning, the subject of the wedding dance came up. Max asked Bethenny if her generation grinds. I don't think Bethenny was sure what this meant, nor did I, with both of us feeling the generation gap.

At another point Max and Bethenny are at a book signing cocktail type party, somewhere in New Jersey, I think. Max did not do his assisting job too well, failing to summon the driver, making Bethenny stand outside in a mingling type situation she prefers to avoid. However, it was amusing. Which is what truly mattters.

As for Max. He seems to be a nice guy. But he is so tiny. Bethenny seems to tower over him. And I know Bethenny is not a very tall girl.

Buster the Wedding Planner is already worried about Bethenny doing ball damage to him. With good reason. How can this guy be successful at this wedding planning thing? I think he's simply comic fodder.

I forgot to mention, while Jason was snowbound, his mom and dad showed up to stay with Bethenny. Ma Hoppy is real happy to finally have a daughter. Pa Hoppy seems like a real nice guy. Ma Hoppy was really happy to go with Bethenny on the wedding dress shopping ordeal. And, I think Bethenny is being real happy to be part of a happy Hoppy family for the first time in her life.

Bethenny Getting Married? was the top-rated premiere in Bravo history. Helped, I'm sure, by following Part 3 of the highly watched Real Housewives of New York City Reunion. But, I suspect Bethenny Getting Married? will continue to have a lot of viewers.

I think I'll keep watching to see what happens.

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