Monday, June 14, 2010

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion: Kelly Goes Crazy on Part 2

Well. Part 2 of the 3 Part Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Show delivered.

Predictably, made predictable by the previews, Part 2 ends with Kelly storming off the set.

The pre-Crazy Kelly part mainly focused on a lot of Jill bashing. It was relentless. Jill would have a flash or two of temper and fight back, at times. But Jill was pretty much a beat up mess.

Finally, Andy Cohen asked one Jill question too many, so Bethenny called a halt to the firing squad.

We then quickly moved on to Sonja Morgan arriving with her patented style of good humor and calming affect. We got a little preview of the upcoming Crazy Kelly when the discussion turned to one night stands.

And then it was time for Kelly.

Bravo and Andy Cohen did what I hoped they'd do, but didn't think they would. They showed a lot of the footage of Kelly's crazy behavior on the yacht and villa on the Virgin Islands.

I wanted Kelly to be asked directly about what we all saw. Andy asked, and Kelly went off into Crazy Kelly land. It was as bizarre as the meltdown on the island.

Kelly went on about being systemically bullied, on and on with a totally distorted version of what really happened. Ramona, Alex, and Bethenny looked to be having some sort of post-traumatic stress reaction.

Eventually LuAnn tried to diplomatically point out to Crazy Kelly that it was Kelly's behavior that appeared to be the instigator.

It really was astonishing to watch Kelly go to her lunatic side. Again. At one point Kelly insisted, as she has in the press, that Bravo forced her to go on that trip. Andy Cohen, a Bravo executive, corrected Kelly. Several times. Saying no, she was not forced to go. Kelly then turned her craziness on Cohen.

Andy Cohen started the Kelly segment by saying the breakdown disturbed viewers and was difficult TV to watch. Or words to that effect. Right in front of Kelly he says this. We then watch the footage. Along with Kelly.

After which Kelly does her twisted spin that makes no sense.

Finally, Bethenny could take it no more, called Kelly on the idiotic psychotic nonsense, saying, again, that Kelly needs help, that she has a personality disorder.

Kelly then stormed off the set. Followed by "To Be Continued...."

Now, I'm thinking, this was so bad tonight, there can be no denying, by anyone, now, that there is not something seriously wrong with Kelly Bensimon. It is wrong that she is being put on TV in her obvious state of mental ill health.

It was just very troubling. I can't wait til Part 3. In 3 days.

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