Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad Girl Courtney Skinny Dipping with Bachelor Ben Flajnik in Puerto Rico

Courtney & Ben Skinny Dipping in Puerto Rico
Tonight is the infamous episode of The Bachelor where the bad girl, villain, Courtney Robertson, to the upset of all his other potential wives, convinces Bachelor Ben to go skinny dipping with her so she can rock his world.

For some unfathomable to me, reason, for this skinny dipping scene, ABC is putting big black blocks over the location where Courtney and Ben's underwear was located, prior to removal.

This strikes me as the height, absolute height, of hypocrisy.

Are we protecting impressionable young minds with this particular censorship?

But we don't protect those same impressionable young minds from watching a couple dozen women overly imbibe in alcohol and behave badly?

The bevy of potential wives from which Ben can select his mate seem to be unusually profuse in the use of profanity. To protect those same impressionable young minds this profanity is bleeped out. But, it is fairly easy to tell what particular piece of profanity is being spewed.

We don't seem to be protecting impressionable young minds from seeing Ben serial kissing dozens of women. The volume of germs being exchanged is appalling.

The current iteration of The Bachelor has yet to crack the Top 20 in the Nielsen Ratings. Judging from what I read in TV Forums, on the Interwebs, there is widespread dislike for this particular bachelor. Complaints about him being boring and looking like the caveman in Geico commercials. I think it was Geico.

Below is a YouTube video, uncensored, of Courtney & Ben's Skinny Dipping Romp in Puerto Rico. The censored version is viewable tonight, January 30 on ABC at 8/7C. I don't know how long this uncensored video version will last before ABC asks YouTube to take it down........

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