Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Excessive Cheeky Kissing

Brandi made this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills more amusing than the norm. Brandi has a knack for unfiltered one-liners.

I particularly found Brandi's description of Kim Richard's odd looking Ken boyfriend, as a Gay Bull Mastiff, to be both funny and accurate.

Kyle's White Party is a very strange party.

Kim thinking she was the center attraction while dancing with her live in Gay Bull Mastiff was amusing.

I think being in rehab is not really where Kim needs to be. A mental health hospital facility would seem to be more useful.

And why was everyone so wanting Kim to make the plane to Hawaii on time? What possible fun do they have being around Kim? Did they not remember Kim's bizarre behavior on the trip to Camille's place in Colorado? Or Kim's non-stop talking when Adrienne took her to Sacramento for a basketball game?

What is with the constant cheek kissing these women engage in every time they meet? I've never seen this behavior in real life. The morning of their first day in Hawaii, they'd been together travelling the day before, yet upon seeing each other the next morning, it was more greetings with kisses on both cheeks.

The way Mauricio greets Ken on the beach that next morning was also odd, as if they'd not seen each other in a long time.

The only pair who seem comfortable with each other are Brandi and Camille. Both look great in bikinis, with Brandi's bikini being one of the teeniest bikinis I have ever seen. Lisa's remarks about Brandi's bikini were amusing, as was Lisa's husband Todd's attentions towards Brandi having Lisa saying that she might be forced to put out.

Lisa can be quite vulgar for a prim and proper British gal.

Going back to the mainland, the whole Taylor and Russell thing is just annoying, as was Taylor's session with her supposed therapist. It seems so clearly obvious that Taylor had lied to Russell about what Camille had said that prompted Russell's email delivered threat to sue, why did none of these people think to ask Russell what it was that he thinks Camille said?

The episode ended with Taylor's call to her new best friend, Lisa, in Hawaii, with Kyle listening, to announce that she has separated from Russell and has changed the locks on the house.

The previews for next week let us know the important information that Kim and Ken make it to Hawaii, where they proceed to be annoying pains.

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