Monday, January 30, 2012

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Marlo Brings Bad-Mannered Crazy to Capetown South Africa

NeNe Trying To Calm Down Marlo
 Before She Slices Anyone
I really need an intervention to break me of my addiction to Train Wreck Reality TV.

The fact that, not only did I watch Sunday night's latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I found myself laughing multiple times,which possibly should be cause for concern.

It has now become a staple of the various Bravo Real Housewive's series to have the girls take a trip to some exotic locale.

The pretense is always that it is one of the housewife's who instigates these trips, not the Bravo producers.

In the last season of The Real Housewives of New York it was Countess LuAnn, who I don't think could plan a shopping trip to Wal-Mart, who supposedly instigated and planned a trip for the New York girls to visit Morocco. Including LuAnn, supposedly, organizing a group camel ride to an elaborate tent in the desert.

With the Atlanta housewives it is Phaedra who instigates, and supposedly, plans, a trip to Africa.

Yet, even though this is Phaedra's trip, somehow NeNe brings along the troublemaker Marlo, with Phaedra having no say in the matter.

Obviously, due to the likely fact that Marlo was added to the trip by the Bravo producers to add drama potential.

Afterall, Marlo is a woman convicted of multiple felonies, including slicing up a woman with whom Marlo got in a bar fight.

It was a long flight from Atlanta to Capetown, South Africa.

Marlo and NeNe brought enough luggage to stock a Goodwill Store.

Upon arrival in their humongous luxury suites Marlo proceeded to act crazy with her demands of the suffering concierge.

NeNe was surprised that Capetown was modern. Like America. I guess she was expected grass huts.

The pretense is that this trip is Phaedra's. We do not seem to extend the pretense to Phaedra claiming to pay for it all. The luxury suites, the first class plane tickets, the yacht trip in the harbor, the upcoming safari.

With about 20 minutes to go in Sunday night's episode we saw clearly why the Bravo producers included Marlo.

After lecturing the housewives all day about proper etiquette, Marlo went totally off the Miss Manners farm when Cynthia instigated Marlo getting all upset over Sheree not inviting Marlo to a party, a party to which Sheree accepted an invitation prior to knowing Marlo would be along for the trip.

But, Miss Manners Marlo, who thinks nothing about crashing a trip uninvited, also thinks she should be included in going to a party to which she was not invited.

This led to what may be the weirdest screaming fight in Housewive's History. It was between the now totally ill-mannered Marlo, and Sheree.  Somehow Marlo not getting invited to a party quickly gave Marlo reason to make all sorts of insults regarding Sheree's financial state. Which had Sheree going on and on about Marlo sucking money from a 100 year old geezer.

The side comments, commenting on this fight, from Kandi, Sheree and NeNe, was what had me laughing. The details of which I no longer remember. Except for Kandi pointing out the irony of Miss Manners Marlo turning totally non-mannerly ghetto in a flash.

Eventually the screaming between Marlo and Sheree degrading down to this very strange thing where the two were making what sounded like bird noises at each other.

It is NeNe who is usually at the center, or the cause, of these type altercations. This time NeNe tried to stop the yelling. And actually made a comment along the line of if this is what I sound like when I argue, well this just sounds stupid.

Next week it looks like a turtle attacks the housewives when they are on safari. Maybe it was a rhinoceros.

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