Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NeNe Leakes Playing Synchronized Swim Coach Roz Washington on GLEE

Screen Cap of NeNe as Roz Washington on GLEE
A couple weeks ago when I learned that The Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes was going to be on GLEE, playing a swim coach, I thought it was just the work of some trouble causing troll trying to cause trouble on an Internet forum, making up something so ridiculous.

But, last night I saw and heard it with my own eyes and ears.

NeNe is on GLEE.

Not only was NeNe on GLEE, NeNe was quite good on GLEE. Very funny. Playing swim coach, Roz Washington.

NeNe's big scene was her reading the riot act to Sam Evans, newly on the William McKinley High Synchronized Swim Team, in his attempt to win a letter jacket so he can re-win the heart of Mercedes. I really don't understand a lot of the GLEE plot lines.

Anyway, NeNe, I mean, Roz Washington, berated Sam Evans (pasty white Chord Overstreet in real life) about having the biggest lips she's ever seen on a white boy. And crooked nipples. And empathized with Sam about how hard it must be to go through life with crooked nipples.

I have no idea what crooked nipples are.

Roz launched into having a dream. Very appropriate for the day after Martin Luther King Day. Roz insisted that Sam know she'd won the bronze medal for Individual Synchronized Swimming at the Beijing Olympics.

I can not picture NeNe in a swimming suit. I'm almost 100% we have not seen that on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It may be amusing to watch and hear Roz Washington tangle with Sue Sylvester, a character who's character the writers of GLEE seem to alter with every episode.

If the NeNe we have come to know on The Real Housewives of Atlanta shows up on the GLEE set, NeNe's acting career will be short lived. I don't think a violent temper tantrum with strangling moves will go over well on the GLEE set. NeNe's is bigger than anyone on GLEE, I think. The cast will be terrified if NeNe goes into her Godzilla mode.

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