Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Alcatraz Hurley is Obsessed with an Island Other than the LOST Island

Alcatraz Monday Nights at 9/8C on FOX
Prior to watching an episode, I knew absolutely nothing about the new FOX series, Alcatraz, other than the fact this was a new J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Production, like LOST, and like LOST, had something to do with an island.

When I set my DVR to record Alcatraz I thought I was recording the premiere episode. Turns out that premiere occurred a week prior, with a pair of back to back one hour episodes.

I'm guessing had I watched those first two episodes, the episode I watched last night, it being the 3rd episode, would have been easier to understand.

From what I watched last night I am gleaning that Alcatraz is a sci-fi crime procedural. That back in the 1960s, when Alcatraz was closed, somehow a lot of inmates and some guards, got themselves into some sort of netherworld, from whence they somehow go back to the future where they take up committing the same type crimes that got them sent to Alcatraz.

An FBI agent, Emerson Hauser, played by Sam Neill, discovered that the prisoners had gone missing back in 1963. Realizing they the FBI had a big problem a brightly lit underground bunker was constructed. I don't know where this bunker is located. Under Alcatraz? Maybe?

Back in the future when one of the prisoners is captured, or killed, he is brought back to this underground bunker. The one and only episode I have watched ended with the FBI agent carrying in the body of the bad guy, over his shoulder, delivering him to an autopsy type doctor, who smoked a cigarette, while swaying to music, getting ready to do whatever it was he was going to do to the body. Bring it back to life? I don't know.

Safely off the LOST island, Hurley, he being Jorge Garcia in real life, plays Dr. Diego Soto, nicknamed "Doc." A comic book genius who knows more about Alcatraz than anyone in the world. Hurley solves the mystery of the Alcatraz bad guy's kidnapping of a little boy, somehow using some very arcane clues, like the bad guy likes cherry pie, to eventually rescue the little boy who had managed to escape from a LOST-like hatch, chased by the bad guy, who was shot and killed by the good FBI guy, right in the nick of time.

LOST like music often served as the soundtrack, which I thought odd. The mystery upon mystery element of Alcatraz is also very LOST-like.

I found Alcatraz held my attention for the hour. I'll give it another hour and see if it still holds my attention.

Monday nights at 9/8C on FOX.

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