Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lisa's SUR Opening on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Was Disturbing

This week's next to last, season 2 episode, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was an odd one.

Real odd.

Very contrived. Almost like it was scripted.

I thought the episode would start off with the girls still in Hawaii obsessing over Kim. Instead the episode began on the mainland.

Mainly focused on the opening of Lisa's SUR restaurant add-on.

Did I make it up in a bad dream last night, or did I actually see on this episode that SUR stands for Sexy Upscale Restaurant?

Lisa's staged SUR opening had so many drama elements piled up it was ridiculous.

There was an ex-girl friend of Adrienne's husband Paul. Not much drama came of that.

Then there was a waitress who Brandi learned had an affair with her ex, Eddie Cibrian, while Brandi was in the hospital birthing a baby. When Lisa learned that one of her waitresses had done Brandi wrong, Lisa sent the waitress home for the night. Not much drama came of that either.

Brandi seems so level-headed and funny. Eddie Cibrian must be a moron.

And then there was Adrienne's personal chef, Bernie, who shows up and is greeted by Lisa who then tells an assistant she doesn't know who that was. And then speculates that it might be Adrienne's cook. Bernie does not like Lisa, always referring to her as that "British lady across the street." Bernie did not provide any drama.

And then there was the uninvited arrival of Cedric, the Houseguest from Hell. Finally some of the scripting delivers some drama. Several were shocked to see Cedric there. Lisa asked Cedric to leave. Cedric did not seem to understand why Lisa would want him to leave.

Methinks the Bravo producers told Cedric they'd give him a thousand bucks if he showed up to make for some drama.

And then there was Taylor.

Taylor Armstrong.

Which is not her real name. A weird looking Oklahoma con-woman who, I think, drove her husband, Russell. to suicide.

Taylor shows up at Lisa's opening of SUR with her extremely creepy, likely ethics violating, supposed therapist. The therapist is all simplistic smarm, which Taylor pretends is helping her.

Arriving at Lisa's SUR opening, a night which should have been all about Lisa and  her opening, Taylor insists all the housewives gather together so Taylor can once again ruin a party with her personal pity party.

All the housewives pretended to care, except for Kim who locked herself in what must have been SUR's only bathroom, because soon there was a line wanting to use the facilities. Kim's gay Bull Mastiff boy friend, Ken, tried to get Kim out of the bathroom, to no avail.

Finally, after what seemed a couple of hours Kim emerged from the bathroom, acting happy like a crazed loony bird. Because that is what she is.

The scene of Kim telling her sister Kyle about her litany of woes with the gay Bull Mastiff boyfriend, including being 3 months late with ovulating, well, it was just too much.

How can Kim still be ovulating? Kim appears to be at least 60. Is that not well past the period when periods arrive and well into the age of menopause?

I think Kim's gay Bull Mastiff boyfriend, Ken, is a saint to put up with that nutcase. Just watching Kim get ready to go to Lisa's SUR opening was bizarre. Hauling so much stuff to a one night stay in a hotel? And then throwing it all over the place, on the floor?

What drugs is Kim on and why does she have such a problem keeping track of her stash, I watched and wondered?

And another thing. Is California Child Protective Services looking into removing Taylor's daughter, Kennedy, from Taylor's care?

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