Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Downward Spiral to a 2nd Season's Conclusion

Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode was the most boring Housewives episode I've watched in a long time. It was so boring it had me thinking it is time to bail on the Atlanta girls.

And then there is last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It was not that I found this episode boring, what I found was that it was not entertaining or amusing.

Maybe the Taylor Armstrong specter has cast such a pall that it is hard to be amused.

That and seeing people who are way too wealthy going somewhere that is way too fun, like Hawaii, staying in a luxurious resort, and then not being able to just enjoy the moment you are living in, but instead to fuss and fume about the ridiculous, is not pleasant television viewing. It is not even good trainwreck television viewing.

By ridiculous, I mean Kim Richards. Why invite her anywhere? I don't get. Yes. I can see the sister, Kyle, caring, but why do the others? So much Sturm and Drang over Kim missing a plane and never being on time.

A few voices of reasons were unable to break through the clutter, those reasonable voices being Brandi, Adrienne, Paul and Lisa.

Kim's Ken boyfriend is a piece of work. At times he seems like he is almost the reasonable one. And then he does something like confront Paul and Adrienne, who where talking nice about Ken, with Kim, making everyone, including the voyeuristic viewers, uncomfortable.

Anyway, I think this second season of RHOBH is about over. The Reunion Show has already been filmed.

Next week's previews show Taylor with a faded black eye. And having another confrontation with Camille.

Explaining the faded black eye, which was not in evidence during Taylor's post leaving Russell meeting with Dana, might be interesting. Taylor is an extremely highly evolved liar.

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