Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Made It Real Clear Kelly Bensimon Needs to be Removed

Three seasons of Kelly Bensimon on The Real Housewives of New York City is enough.

The 3 hours reunion shows, broke in to two 90 minute long parts, were the final Kelly straw for me.

Crazy can be entertaining. Stupid can be funny. Clueless can be amusing.

But, Kelly's combo of crazy, stupid and clueless is not entertaining, funny or amusing.

It is just sad.

It is also sad that the producers of RHONY have let this insanity go on as long as they have.

I would have thought that last season's St. John's Scary Island episodes where Kelly's mental illness was clear for all to see would have been the end of having her on our TV screens.

Instead it is as if that did not happen.

Watching Kelly go after the voice of reason (compared to Kelly), Alex McCord, over and over again, screaming at Alex things that are actually true about Kelly, like Kelly screaming over and over again that Alex is "creepy."

That is Kelly in one of her creepy reunion moments in the screencap above.

And how many times did Kelly scream at Alex asking "Are you on crack? Are you high?" in response to a perfectly rational statement from Alex?

Reading the Interwebs it appalls me that there are some who watch this madness and are not able to see how completely in the wrong the Brunettes are. Luann, Jill, Kelly and Cindy are like some strange little deluded cult feeding on each other's lies, misconceptions and manipulations, while the lies and truth are clear to the viewers who are able to accurately process incoming data.

All the bullying of Alex by the Brunettes was disgusting. Alex has done nothing to deserve this.

Of the Brunettes the only one I can remotely tolerate is Countess Luann. Luann elevates her bad behavior behind elevated language, for the most part. Luann does not seem ugly in her core like the other 3 Brunettes.

I loved it when Alex told Luann she'd was giving her 2 "Thug in a Cocktail" t-shirts. To which Ramona chortled, with Luann making one of her typically condescending degrading remarks.

I wish what Alex would have said to Luann was "I have 2 Thug In a Cocktail t-shirts for you, one Extra Extra Large for you and a Small for Jacques."

Methinks, if Bravo wants to save the New York City housewive franchise, Kelly Bensimon definitely needs to go. Along with Cindy Barshop. Keep Jill Zarin just so you do have one vile villain who can articulate her vileness without sounding like a Kelly type nutjob.

I hope the Beverly Hills housewives deliver some good amusement when they start up in a couple weeks.

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