Monday, August 15, 2011

On The Bachelor Pad Ames Leaves With Jackie While Gia Boots Herself From The Pad

That is Ames in the back of Jackie's exit Limo after she was kicked out of the Bachelor Pad Monday night.

When Jackie got the boot instead of Ella, Ames seemed like he did not quite know what to do. He walked Jackie to the limo.

Then he walked back to the non-bootees.

Then Ames robotically ran his red pants towards Jackie's limo, which somehow magically knew to stop.

With cameramen ready to record the reunion.

Ames and Jackie then rode off into the night, while the remaining Bachelor Padders ooh and awed at the romance of it all, with one commenting that babies were about to be made.

This week's Bachelor Pad episode started with a fun competition for this week's dates. All the boys lined up with a bulls eye painted on their backs. One by one, in response to a question, the girls threw a paint ball egg at the guy of their choice. For instance the question might be something like "Which guy do you think would make the ugliest babies." If the girl managed to hit someone, with the paintball exploding, she'd get a point.

Creepy sociopath Jake Pavelka and Princess Erica Rose took the most hits. In the end, Melissa Schreiber and Michael Stagliano won.

Each got to take 3 of the opposite sex on a date. And give one of those three a Sacred Rose.

Michael chose to take his ex, Holly Durst, Michelle Money and Erica Rose. He took Erica because he felt so guilty about almost knocking Erica out by throwing an egg so hard at her, when the question was "Who is the least attractive?"

Melissa chose to take Vienna's boyfriend Casey, Kirk Dewindt and Blake Julian. For reasons that made little sense to me, Melissa told Casey she'd give him the Sacred Rose, even before they went on their yachting date.

However, on the yachting date Blake made what he described as the moves of a prostitute, whoring himself out for a quarter million dollars. Apparently Melissa can tell all sorts of things by how a guy kisses. Armed with this knowledge Blake hit Melissa with one of his awesome kisses. This quickly caused Melissa to give Blake the sacred rose, sending Casey and Kirk off the yacht in a little dinghy.

Melissa and Blake then, in Melissa's words, hooked up all night long. This hooking up caused Melissa to be convinced she was now Blake's girl friend, which caused all sorts of problems for Blake back in the Bachelor Pad when he was caught canoodling with Holly.

Leading up to the boot time there was a lot of scrambling in the Bachelor Pad.

I find Casey really annoying, self-satisfied mumbling nitwit that he is. He tried to manipulate fellow nitwit, Gia, which soon backfired, with Gia confronting Graham, which then had Gia suddenly leaving the Bachelor Pad. For good. Gia decided she was just not cut out for Bachelor Pad shenanigans.

Jake's plot to save himself was to try and make a plea to Vienna to do a kind thing and save him. That did not work out too well for him.

But then Chris Harrison arrived to announce the producers had come up with a scheme to save Jake one more week. That scheme being that this week two ladies would be sent home, with all the guys safe from getting the Pad boot.

This had Vienna calling a foul, saying this was cheating. Vienna sort of had a point.

But, Jake makes for good TV. Everyone enjoys watching a clueless sociopath try and fool people into thinking he really is a nice guy.

I like Jackie. She is real cute and spunky. I also like Ames. He is sort of a one of kind. He has a very interesting demeanor about him. Will Jackie Gordon become Mrs. Ames Brown. It would not surprise me if this becomes one of the few Bachelor franchise successful relationships.

I'm sure I watched the previews of next week's Bachelor Pad, but right now I am drawing a blank. I'm guessing we were shown some fresh Jake and Vienna drama. With Casey mumbling.

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Anonymous said...

I hate I meam Hate Casey & Vienna I think thya both are mean and have no right to open their mouths about not knowing who someone is when they both are complete @&%^. The whole house needs to send them home since they think they are running the show and they of all people should not heave the money. The are narsists.