Monday, August 22, 2011

On Bachelor Pad Is Jake Getting the Boot Continued Next Week?

That is Erica Rose, she being the girl with the tiara, and tonight with a crystal gavel, which she pounded on the voting box when she stuffed smug Kasey's picture into the box on the August 22 episode of Bachelor Pad.

Erica Rose pretty much owned tonight's episode, bringing her special type of charm to bear. sneaking up on conversations, manipulating Crazy Melissa, hooking up with Jake.

And being amusing with her disdain for swimming.

The boys and girls having to perform a synchronized swimming routine to win a Sacred Rose was amusing. Michelle Money and Michael Stagliano won the roses. Michael took his ex, Holly, Ella and Vienna with him, while Michelle took Vienna's boyfriend, Kasey, Graham and Blake.

Jake was busy scrambling to convince people that Kasey needed to go. When it came time to vote, a curve was thrown, like last week, only this week it was the girls who were all safe, with one guy getting booted.

So, this had it down to Jake and Kasey. Kasey is such a smug, annoying creature with one of the worst speaking voices I've ever heard. While Jake is also a smug, annoying creature, who is even more annoying than Kasey.

Kasey came unglued when he realized a coup was in the works to take him down. These people take this all so serious. With the most serious being Jake. His overly earnest way of acting seriously grates.

So, it was down to Kasey and Jake for that final Sacred Rose. We hear Chris Harrison say the first syllable of Kasey's name, then cut to closing credits with the masked man doing synchronized swimming moves.

With no "To Be Continued" and no previews of next week's Bachelor Pad.

So, who got the boot? If it ended up being Jake, an awful lot of time was wasted making us think otherwise.

So far I am finding Bachelor Pad to be rather amusing. Much better than its first season. And I'm finding I'm actually liking Michelle Money and Erica Rose.

And Jake Pavelka needs to be off TV once and for all time.

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