Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday to Lucille Ball

Lucille Désirée Ball was born on August 6, 1911. Which would make today Lucy's 100th birthday.

Lucy died on April 26, 1989, over 22 years ago, if my bad math skills are correct. How can it already be that long since the shocking news that Lucille Ball had died?

Lucille Ball is my all-time favorite TV star. And one of my favorite all-time celebrities.

I remember when it hit the news that Lucy and Desi Arnaz were divorcing it was shocking to my young mind. I didn't understand. Why would Lucy and Ricky, who had so much fun on my TV, get divorced in real life?

And how strange is it that Lucy would marry a guy named Desi, with Lucy having the middle name of Désirée?

I Love Lucy is a television classic, obviously. I find if I'm channel chasing and come upon I Love Lucy, I'm sort of drawn right in, like a long lost friend has shown up again at my door.

It used to be said that I Love Lucy was airing somewhere on the Planet, at any given moment of any given day. I don't know if this is still true. I suspect it is.

I saw Lucy being interviewed years after the end of I Love Lucy. It may have been on the Tonight Show. Whoever the interviewer was, Johnny Carson, or someone else, the interviewer remarked at what a knockout Lucy was in her prime. Lucy scoffed at this, actually got sort of angry.

I always thought Lucy was beautiful. To me Lucy was perfect, beautiful inside and out. And incredibly funny.

I Love Lucy. We All Love Lucy. Happy Birthday Lucy.

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