Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On Flipping Out Jeff Finally Fired Sarah

I got around to watching last week's Flipping Out episode, last night, followed by last night's new episode.

The new episode ended with Jeff Lewis finally getting around to firing Sarah Berkman. Sarah took it well.

It the previews it appears that Trace is the next person on the staff to feel the heat from Jeff Lewis.

Trace did not endear himself to Jeff during the Las Vegas combo Bachelorette Party for Sarah/Speech Event for Jeff, when Trace, along with Sarah and Jett, did not manage to make it to Jeff's speech.

I don't know why Jeff would expect otherwise, what with leaving the trio drinking in Vegas, after taking them to a strip joint, much to the shocked horror of the increasingly amusing Gage.

Every season of Flipping Out Jeff seems to have at least one whacked out client. This season, so far, it seems to be this lady named Stacey. Stacey thinks Sarah is a ravishing beauty of great charm. While she thinks Jenni was not struck with the pretty stick. Among other things.

I found Stacey quite bizarre. She definitely was not struck with either the pretty or tactful stick.

For me the most amusing moments of the night came when Jeff went to do a consult in Venice in a house with a little girl. This was a cute, fun-loving little girl. The Sarah replacement intern was tasked with looking after the little girl while Jeff consulted. That went well.

Then when Jeff and the mother returned to the little girl, while the mother went to get the little girl milk, Jeff told her to quit talking, because she was having trouble swallowing her cereal. The little girl then started crying. When the sobbing stopped she told her mom she wanted Jeff to leave.

That was funny.

I must say, while I fast forwarded through most of anything to do with the massive rebuild job on Zoila, the results were quite amazing.

I am guessing next week Trace does not get fired.

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