Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ashley Temporarily Breaks Ben's Heart by Picking JP on The Bachelorette

That is Ben on The Bachelorette, after Ashley rejected his on-his-knees proposal and then sent him out to sea, from Fiji, in a little dinghy.

Prior to being rejected Ben had declared his love for Ashley and asked her family members for permission to marry her.

Ben said, "Everything in life to me is clear -- this is it. I do believe Ashley is in love with me."

Ashley really gave Ben no reason to think otherwise. These Bachelorette/Bachelor type reality shows can be a bit cruel.

In real life leading a guy on would not be seen as a good character trait.

After rejecting Ben, JP arrived. Ashley quickly accepted JP's marriage proposal, even though it was not delivered by JP down on his knees.

Prior to the proposal rejections and acceptances, we saw the boys meet Ashley's mom, step-dad, brother and sister from hell.

The sister's name is Chrystie. She is an older sister. Covered head to toe with what looked to be tattoos of cartoon characters. Within 15 minutes of meeting JP, the sister, who Ashley later lashed out at saying "You're such a bitch!" because sister Chrystie had come to the conclusion, based on very limited data, that JP was not a suitable match for Ashley.

I think sister Chrystie's primary problem was the HUGE age difference and something to do with one or the other not making one or the other laugh. I think the real problem was Chrystie found herself with a quick case of the HOTS for JP, making divorced sister Chrystie in full jealous sister mode.

I thought sister Chrystie was quite articulate. But I can see why Ashley thought she was being a bitch. I'd have trouble accepting advice from anyone who's idea of a good idea was to cover their body with tattoos.

Prior to making her final selection the boys were taken on one more date. On Ben's date Ashley was in full seductress mode, covering Ben all over with mud. Later it appeared the two former lovebirds spent the night together, while it was made clear on the eventual winner's, I mean fiance's, date, Ashley left JP's bedroom and went to wherever her own bed was.

On the After the Final Rose Show, Ben was up first to get interviewed by a now puffy-haired Chris Harrison. Ben seemed like he's survived his heartbreak. The women in the audience seemed to swoon over him. But not nearly as much as the women swooned over Ames on the Men Tell All episode Sunday night. Ames got a rock star mania level of swooning.

I think perky ultra-green boy, Ryan, should be dropped from contention for being the next The Bachelor and consideration given to both Ames and Ben. Ames would be very amusing robotically navigating a couple dozen women. As would Ben. Ryan, not so much.

There are rumors on the Interwebs, rarely to be believed, that ABC has paid Ashley and JP $50K, each, to keep quiet, for at least a month, regarding the fact that they've already split up. This to avoid yet one more incident of one of these odd reality TV romances coming to a quick end.

I would think both JP and Ben could do a lot better for themselves than Ashley. I would not be able to get past the annoying voice, the constant playing with her hair, and her family, shallow boy that I be.

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