Friday, August 12, 2011

Is Bravo Going to Do the Right Thing & Remove Cindy, Kelly & Jill from The Real Housewives of New York City?

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion shot video for 9 exhausting hours. The majority of the footage shot did not make it to the 2 part, 3 hour Reunion Show.

One of those moments we did not see on the Reunion Show was Alex collapsing in relief, I assume, that the nightmare of dealing with the 4 Shrieking Monkeys known as the Gang of Brunettes, also known as Cindy Barshop, Krazy Kelly Bensimon, Jealous Jill Zarin and Classless Countess LouAnn, was over.

Of the Gang of Brunette housewives only one is an actual wife, that being Jill Zarin.

The male population of the planet is not big enough to find a mate for the sourpuss Barshop woman, so she had to couple with a turkey baster in order to become a mother.

I do not know if the reason Alex fainted on the couch was because Jill Zarin heartfeltedly apologized for being such a mean-spirited, bullying, heartless bitch to her, followed by the hug we see in the picture.

The Interwebs are full or rumors that a major shakeup is in the works for the Real Housewives of New York City. Andy Cohen made it real clear on Facebook and Twitter that he has heard, loud and clear, the viewer's disgust with the low-level of discourse on display by Cindy, Jill, Kelly and to a lesser degree, LouAnn.

Neil Patrick Harris told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live to dump the entire cast. That seems a bit drastic to me. The consensus on the Interwebs seems to be that definitely Cindy, Jill and Kelly need to go.

And that Kelly is definitely intellectually challenged. And mentally ill. I know I was very surprised that Bravo brought Kelly back after the entire St. John's mental meltdown spectacle. It seemed as if Bravo was exploiting mental illness for its entertainment value. Trouble is, viewer's do not find Kelly's mental illness entertaining, they find it troubling.

Supposedly filming for the 5th season of RHONY is to begin Labor Day weekend. Methinks somehow Bethenny Frankel, now that she actually is a New York housewife, needs to come back, combined with Ramona, Sonja and Alex, plus a couple other real housewives, who pass a psych test, and I think this failing Housewife franchise might recover its formerly high viewer numbers.

But, if Bravo brings back Cindy, Kelly and Jill, the viewers will indicate they have had enough. By not watching. I know I want to see, or hear, no more of those three.

I think it is Jill who soured the franchise. Last season with her insane vendetta against Bethenny. This season it was Alex and Ramona who Jill targeted.

Simply put, Jill is creepy. A very creepy mean girl consumed by jealousy. Think about who Jill really is. She is married to a shopkeeper. Jill does not own her own business, or have a job. Her husband, Bobby, may be a nice guy, but he seems clueless as to what an Uber Bitch he is married to. Defending her on St. Johns, talking to Simon about his non-existent mean Tweeting.

Meanwhile, Ramona is married to Mario. Mario is a good looking guy. Combining Mario's DNA with Ramona got them Avery. Combining Jill's DNA with Bobby got them Ally. Ramona has 5 businesses. She is a successful, talented woman. And much better looking than Jill.

Ramona can rock a bikini. Jill can not. Ramona is older than Jill. Yet in much better shape. Ramona is more popular with viewers than Jill. Which is yet one more thing Jill is jealous about. In her core Ramona is a nice person. In her core Jill is a bitter shrew.

Jill is also jealous of Alex. Alex is also better looking than Jill. And younger. And happily married. And talented. With a job, or two. In her core, Alex is a nice person. Very articulate. And sensitive. And, unlike Jill, not a bitch.

Jill Zarin is also very sensitive, but only as it pertains to her own hypersensitive feelings. Jill Zarin seems unable to empathize with others in a real way that involves being sensitive to the feelings of others.

Jill is consumed anger over how much the viewers have come to despise her once they figured out what a horrible human she is.

Some of the stunts Jill Zarin has pulled have been astonishing. Jill penned a bad advice book with her equally vile mother, Gloria, and her sister. The book tanked, sales-wise. Jill then made fake positive reviews on Amazon, using a fake name, Susann Saunders. Jill is so sloppy these comments were traced back to her computer's IP address.

Jill later had her hapless husband buy thousands of copies of her book so as to make it look like the anemic sales figures were not anemic sales figures. Meanwhile Bethenny had several best sellers, fueling Jill's seething jealousy.

To counter all the accurate comments on Jill's Facebook fan page, Twitter and who knows where else, Jill somehow hired minions to delete accurate comments from Facebook and post false positive comments.

On Jill's Bravo Blog there are two types of comments. Those that seem real, on target and legitimate and those that seem like they come from a boilerplate template, all with a "We love you Jill" theme.

No one in their right mind could possibly love Jill Zarin, reprehensible mean bullying lying rat that she is.

If Andy Cohen and Bravo want to have a large number of viewers for the opening of Season 5 of RHONY, let it be known that the firing of Jill, Kelly and Cindy will be shown.

If Andy Cohen and Bravo want their New York City Housewive franchise to totally tank, bring back Cindy, Kelly and Jill, for one more round of disgusting the viewers.

If Andy Cohen really heard loud and clear what the viewers where saying, what he heard.

Loud and Clear.


Get rid of Cindy, Kelly and Jill.

Thank you. I feel better now.


Elaine Leirer said...

I agree with you Durango tv...but there must be an adjustment or two. Alex Mccord and her house husband must go too. In addition to the nude photo shoot, their foul language and the lack of talent, the visual of their Trilby Svengali relationship is nauseating. Ally is not a Bobby, Jill creation. She is from Jill's first marriage.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! I stopped watching this season due to Jill, Kelly and Cindy. I will not watch another season with Jill and Kelly specifically. It is irresponsible to find entertainment in Kelly’s mental health challenges. This show is missing the Bethenny element because she provided much needed humor. It appears Jill created the entire story line of Ramona being an alcoholic and Mario possibly cheating on Ramona out of jealousy. Jill seems to have gotten a lot meaner since Alex and Ramona became friends.