Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Flipping Out Jeff Flips Out & Fires Trace

On Flipping Out Jeff's boyfriend/office helper, Gage Edward, seems to be gradually purging Jeff's office.

Last week it was Sarah who got the well-deserved heave-ho.

This week it was meek, mild-mannered, supposedly talented, Trace Lehnhoff, who got fired after Gage found some supposedly incriminating closet drawings on Trace's computer.

Jeff seemed to think Trace must have wasted hours of office time on those auto-cad drawings. Jeff has no computer auto-cad skills and would not know how long such a thing took. Jeff might have considered the possibility that Trace was using working on the closet drawings to help his creative flow when stymied on figuring out something work-related.

So, Jeff fired Trace and replaced him with the professional poop picker upper, Jett Pink, who is not a design school graduate.

Gage voted to fire Jett too. But that part of the purge plan did not work. So far.

Trace seemed to take the firing with style and grace and is further stylish and gracious on his Bravo blog, regarding the firing. Trace thinks it may have been time to move on. And has now started his own design business. Methinks Trace will have no trouble finding clients.

 In the previews for next week's Flipping Out we actually see Jeff come to the defense of Jenni, against the bullying rudeness of his client from Hell, Stacey Farish.

Viewers have not reacted well to this abusive woman's abuse of the popular Jenni. Stacey Faris works for the Los Angeles Times and has been taking a lot of heat at the newspaper for her bad behavior on Flipping Out.

Next week's Stacey/Jeff Showdown looks like it may have a high entertainment factor.

It Bravo going to give Trace his own show? It could be called Not Flipping Out.

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